Until again we meet…

Until again we meet…

I have loved you forever
since the day I was born
a love unending
and true

the laughter
the tears
the love
I miss


since you left us

I know you are here
there are constant signs
of that love
that will always
make me smile

I will hold on to it
always remembering
how you moved us
loved us
held us dear

It gets me through
the days
when I miss you the most

your touch
your smile
your wisdom

I know you are not gone
for you live in our hearts

in the sun
in the rain
in the air

I know when time comes
you will be waiting for me
with open arms
and a laugh
and that smile

love carries on
when our bodies won’t

I just wanted you to know
I miss you
I love you
and I think of you often
you will never be forgotten…

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