I won’t be reliable…

I won’t be reliable…

For the next two days

I won’t listen to your problems, and tell you it’s ok

I won’t make you feel better

I won’t be the one that smooths the waters

They will have to be rough…without me

I won’t be your go between, your mother, your lover or your friend

I don’t care what you feel, what you think or what is wrong

You are on your own

My shoulders aren’t that wide

I need time to myself

To figure out my own problems

Not that you would know

The one way street, is now a no through road

At least for the next two days

I will be greedy

Self serving

Will think of no one but myself

All of you will go on without me

I will be here in my cave



Regaining my strength and self worth

Don’t call me, I won’t answer

I am here, and ok

You can’t help me through it

I’ll be back in two days, nearly as good as new

But just for now, it’s not about you.


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