Doing things I know are wrong…

Doing things I know are wrong…

Today I made a new garden in the bed where my nasty tree got cut down. I shouldn’t have, it’s way too hot out for that…really trust me it is.

I was totally covered in a lovely dry nasty dust by the time I was done, and not in the sexy hey you have a little dirt on your face way…

It has been in the high 20’s here for over a week now, probably closer to two, not the ideal weather for planting stuff. In fact at work we try and talk people out of planting when the weather is borderline July heat.

I am stubborn. I don’t listen. Obviously.

I not only planted bulbs, heather and a tree, I moved stuff…from one side of the yard to the garden of dust.

That is what I am calling it as it is just the nastiest, dustiest, root filled mess ever.

I dug, I ripped, I pulled. I added manure, peat moss and top soil.

I won.

I now have the cutest little garden!!

I just have to diligently water it, and the Leylandii cypress I planted to one day block the neighbours…

Do you get the feeling I might be staying here? Ya me too. It looks alot to me like the Castle is supposed to be mine for now, maybe for the indefinite future. How about til the real estate prices go back up, and I can maybe make a  buck or two on this old house.

I am actually ok with that. Maybe even a little relieved I guess. I gotta tell you, I am pretty sick of always having a clean house. Even if no one is coming to look, I still feel like it has to be relatively clean, and may I add just for the record, NO ONE has come looking…

I can’t remember the last time I left my pajama’s on the floor or didn’t make my bed…or left my coffee cup on the counter or didn’t clean the bathtub.

It is hard freaking work, and I am winding down for winter soon, hibernation sounds pretty good to me, and this is a pretty swell place to do it.

I am counting my blessings.

I also have one kick ass garden to look forward to now don’t I?

Here is the lowdown on the new bed from right to left…

I planted a Sensation Lilac on the far left, it has the most amazing flowers, which I have yet to see on this plant. It hated it in the spot where I had it, which is also now where the soon to be big Leylandii got planted. I am hoping it will do way better here :)

I then planted Spring Mix daff bulbs to the left of that, and some beautiful new Iris called Lion King.

They are just amazing looking and get up to 22″ tall, I can’t wait to see them in bloom!! I also planted a Rosemary plant with the bulbs around it, it will be awesome to have one again, I lost the plant I had before and have really missed having it to cook with.

In the front of the bed I put a great little heather that I bought, it  has big white bell like flowers on it…totally sweet. In behind that I put one of my favorite grasses called Evergold, it is a Carex Grass that is beautiful all year round, they are the perfect height and width, and I have about 4 of them around the property.

Next I planted a Berberis, this is one plant that I am absolutely positive that the deer will leave alone, and they are a great burgundy color…

Next  came a cutie pattootie pink heather that blooms late summer early fall, it is a beauty!!

I also put two little artichokes in the back by the stump, hopefully they will winter over and love it there next year.

The back corner of the garden was nearly impossible to dig, I wanted to put something substantial in there but there is absolutely no way I could dig a hole deep enough, so I planted some more Daffodil bulbs there, it will be a big show in the spring!!

I also had a garlic chive plant that needed a good home, so I dug it in at the very back of the bed. The garden will be a great mix of flowers and herbs :)

I have always been a food gardener until I started at the garden centre, so the flowers are just all new to me and it always seems that I have food mixed in with everything.

As Grandpa Fred used to say, if you can’t eat it, why plant it…At least I think it was him, it actually could have been my dad…regardless, it is something that always makes me smile and plant more food!!

21 thoughts on “Doing things I know are wrong…

  1. Sonsothunder

    Oh , come on, everyone knows it was "Mark Twain" who said that…Heh… at least he gets credit for every other thing said throughout history that no one remembers who actually said it.
    I can reel with the Artichokes, Garlic and Chives…But, as far as the other stuff…I can see its investment value when the real estate prices go back up, as you said.. By then.. they will probably be intrinsic to the landscape though…
    God Bless You

  2. Themindslam

    As you can tell, it's been hard for me to get on as much as I used to since I moved….didn't know that you had moved to your own domain. I love it…it looks great & wanted to let you know that I updated it on my blog roll for you!

  3. Patti Kuche

    Wow, you're planting Leylandii. . . . the lilac, those darling buds of May, and the spring mix look a real treat.  Have fun and enjoy that sunshine while it is lasting!

    1. Brown Road Chronicle

      I will let you know.  I subscribed the other day, but I never confirmed the subscription by clicking the e-mail link that is sent to subscribers. So I redid it today properly. I'll let you know if I start getting e-mails.

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