Shake, Rattle and Holy Hell…

Shake, Rattle and Holy Hell…

It was one of those days today. It felt surreal, pretty much from the first moment I woke up.

Some days are like that with me.

I woke up at 5 am, as Bill was going home today and had to take the 8:30 ferry, he took my oldest son with him and threw him out halfway there, he is going to Hornby Island for the next week to do the end of the year camp.

I didn’t go back to bed. I grabbed a coffee and finally caught up on some of your blogs.

At one point I felt yucky enough for it to occur to me that I wanted to call in sick. I have had a nasty something or other cold/headache thing for the last three days, and my throat was killer sore. Lovely.

In the end, I sucked it up and went to work.

When I got to work the first thing that happened was a phone call from Janis ( you know her from here, and if you don’t, you should) called to let me know that a lady we know got killed in a car accident. Totally sucky, and very sad. You will be missed Ruth :(

The rest of the morning was consumed with watering and then more work on the website for the store, we are kicking butt!! Between Shauna and I we have got most of the site loaded up, we should have it up and running early next week.

So between customers and website building I was pretty busy. I was helping two ladies out at the til, and suddenly…

I seriously thought I was fainting.

Weird, I am not a fainter. I have only passed out once in my life. But the feeling was the same. I felt like I was going down.

I realized very quickly, that the weaving and instability that I was feeling was in fact NOT me.

Once the windchimes started moving and the two ladies and I all sort of clued in at once, we realized it was an earthquake.

I have not been a participant in an earthquake for a long time. Apparently the last one was about 7 years ago. I barely remember it, and most of the earthquakes I have ever felt have been more like a huge bang and a lot of shaking.

This was totally different.

It felt like a big huge waterbed.


I have gotta say, I was shook up for a while after that. We decided right afterwards to exit the building for a bit, just to be sure that was all for the time being.

It was.

No one was hurt and nothing got wrecked or broken.

It was the Universe’s reminder that we live in an earthquake zone. Not that I ever forget that. If there is a big one, I am going down the river in my house. No shit. There is a huge damn about 5 miles up the road. I am in the path. I don’t need an earthquake kit (though I definitely have one) I need a fucking boat. In my bedroom.

Because my house is going for a swim.

I am just hoping that it happens in the daytime when I am at work and my kids are out of the house. It is going to totally redefine the definition of ‘moat’ .

Probably not the best selling feature huh? Ok, nevermind that.

I am going to be here forever at the rate it is going anyways, I am ok with that, and seriously, who doesn’t need a little drama in their lives right?

So now, hopefully we all had a little wake up call to what is inevitably going to happen here one day. If you aren’t ready, you should get ready, whether it is a waste of time or not. I mean if it is a big enough earthquake we are gonna need more than an earthquake kit to get us through it.

But be as ready as you can be.

Don’t be irresponsible thinking that it won’t happen here, you are deluding yourself.

I know that next time, my ass won’t be standing still behind the til again, I am sooo gonna be out in the parking lot a the first sign of a shaker.

I am a little paranoid today still, so that could be a little funny for a couple of days if anything goes on.

Me running away at the drop of a hat…hahahahhah…Ok, I will try and keep it together, if nothing else, I will keep my co-workers slightly amused.

So stay safe out there people, and get ready if you aren’t already, you just never know…

19 thoughts on “Shake, Rattle and Holy Hell…

  1. Robyn

    I grerw up in "The Shakey Isles", otherwise known as New Zealand.  Christchurch, where the big on was this year, is where I went to boarding school.  I am very used to earthquakes and have a great respect for them.  The location of your house is unfortunate and I hope you never do need that boat.

  2. HoaiPhai

    Glad to hear that you didn't get hurt. I've never felt any of the four or five earthquakes that have happened around me… I was asleep, on busses, and the last time I was on the couch but felt nothing!

  3. Catherine

    Glad all is okay :)
    I experienced my first earthquake here on the East Coast a few weeks ago… so scary. I've never felt anything like it. Definitely unnerving.

  4. Sandi

    We get earthquakes all the time. :)

    It is funny how there are the JOLT ones that shake really intense and then gone.  Then there are those ones you can hear rumbling toward you and then waves forever.  I prefer the waves, they are easier.  The jolt is so bad that you're waiting for the house walls to just cave in- both sides- right on you in the middle and if you aren't smashed enough by that point, the ceiling would seal the deal. :)

    Glad you're okay.  (sad someone you know passed in an auto wreck)


    P.S.  You got an earthquake and today, we went from SUPER HOT WEATHER to rain (it never rains in Southern CA- maybe 6x a year or something and not much) we had an ELECTRICAL STORM (what's that?  What are the rules on lightining- outside of don't stand under a tree?) and it began HAILING, when we just got set up for my son's first soccer game and I'm putting up this cute spray painted banner.  WTFFFFFF!  Grab the banner and RUN in my slippery flip flops and throw Sam in the car.  The boys eventually went under shelter.  SUCKS.  Now, we have to see if Samantha will  have her game since rain has stopped.


  5. Gwen Gilles

    Last earthquake, everyone at work is screaming, trying to get under their desks, plants are waving, blinds are literally trying to come off the windows and I'm typing away on my keyboard looking around going WTF is everyone freaking out about. LOL. Apparently I'm earthquake proof. I guess next time there's an earthquake, I'll just not know until after all the drama has played out and hopefully I'll need my earthquake kit.

    Aloha, Gwen

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