I got nothing but a monkey on the floor…

I got nothing but a monkey on the floor…

Well since my days off are Wednesday and Thursday, I normally end up hitting a thrift store for some kind of good buy on one of those days!! I have been so motivated by all my friends who have awesome DIY blogs, and I am trying to get my house decorated for fall on a budget. Here are some sites with great ideas and crafting fun!!

Funky Junk Interiors ~ Donna is one amazing lady with the most amazing home and great ideas!! Oh, and she is Canadian too eh!!

You are talking too much ~ She works while she talks though, I always learn something new from her blog every read!!

Shanty2Chic ~ The CUTEST ideas ever…follow them on Pinterest too!!

So on with the post…

Today…sucked at the second hand store, hahahaha, figures that the first post, I find NOTHING, well I found a cork placemat for my kid to put his laptop on and a toy monkey for the dog, since he annihilated the last stuffy and left it’s remains all over the family room floor.

Other than that, not a damn thing…bummer.

I did make a very cool burlap wreath today though, that post will be saved for Sunday and DIY Sundays.

It was a a horrible day today weather wise, it was pouring rain and windy. My basement about one hour ago started fucking leaking again.

I had my perimeter drains done last year, seriously. I had no trouble with them at all last year. I have a call into the guy who did them to come and look at them and see what is going on. The place where it is leaking is bizarre, under the stairs, in one of the driest spots on the whole freaking yard, but I guess you never know what’s going on underground do ya? Hopefully it is just a broken pipe or something plugged that will be easy to fix.

I can’t even comprehend the thought of spending the winter worrying about my house flooding again. I am thinking positive. I have to, or I will lose it.

So until proven otherwise, I will NOT panic.

It’s a funny thing, I was just thinking that the Universe was telling me to stay here. Now…

What the hell? Makes me want to run screaming away from here, I know I am in over my head with this house and living here alone. I don’t have the capacity to fix everything that goes wrong, or the money.

So what exactly is the Universe trying to say here? I wish it would be a little bit more clear, like clearer than mud.

Until such clarity comes my way, I could certainly use some positive energy sent my way asap, whatever you can spare would be totally appreciated.

So on a happier and more fun note, have you found any good deals while thrifting lately??? I would love to hear about it!!

Here’s to dryer and happier Fridays!!

***Update way late at night on the flooding. I am not flooding, I seem to have a leak in the corner of my roof that is going down to the basement and making it SEEM like a wee flood. Lovely, fucking lovely. Tomorrow we call a roofer and get ‘er fixed. All I can do is forage forward right? I’m gonna say though, this seems far less daunting to me than the basement flooding :) Even though it still sucks…


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