Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday

1. What’s the last thing you spent too much money on?

My computer for sure, but once and a while you deserve to splurge, even when you can’t really afford it. Besides that, I have been a non smoker for 11 years the month I bought the computer. Totally justified, considering I never would have been able to make it through the no smoking unless I had started learning to use a computer. The end justified the means :)

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner?

Oh my god…The list is so long. Ok well normally I would pick Keith,  but he would probably bring Nicole with him. Takes some of  the fun out of it for me, so I pick Alex O’Loughlin…oh yes I do!

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal?

My house is always pretty clean normally. My friends know who I am, I have no need to hide anything. It’s not like I leave my sex toys laying around or anything, or like I even HAVE sex…dammit…that’s depressing.

4. Who is your oldest living family member?

Hahahahah, that would be Poppa. He is old as crap. :) Love you Daddy, hehehehehehe….

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (ie: cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper)?

I don’t like pop. If I had to pick one though, it would definitely be Dr. Pepper.

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