It’s up for discussion…

It’s up for discussion…

Exactly what the hell is going on here.

I came home from an afternoon out, and my Mother presented me with the following picture.

So just before we get to the picture here is a little more background on me when I was young. I have been told I used to dress myself as a child. No doubt of that. I have always been a little stubborn and hard headed.

I also apparently used to change my clothing about 5 times a day. This too could be quite true. I get bored easily. We know this. I probably didn’t have anything to play with so I had to dress up.

Now the big question here is…


It appears to be some kind of 1920’s bathing suit that has transported itself to the late 1960’s. And what the hell is on my head?

I vote that it is probably underwear or something. I mean you know me right? It could totally happen. In all likelihood it is a scarf, as my Mother seems mortified to think that she would let me outside with gonch on my head.

But woman…you let me outside in that outfit. Whatever the hell that outfit is. It looks a tad small judging by the camel toe. Which I have to say is NOT the best look for me.

And ya know, things didn’t appear to get any better as I got older, in fact it is more than possible things got worse.

BUT, before we move on to that, I want to show you THIS picture…

NOW…is it any fucking wonder that I have hair issues? That I have a problem with bad bangs????? Is it??? I think not. I now understand where that comes from. Even when I was three years old, I knew a bad haircut when I had one…sheesh.

Ok, now back to the clothes. I just want to make it thoroughly clear here. My mother did not drink. Like at all. So what was the deal? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am thankful today, that she let me be me. Let me dress myself, and forge ahead with my own style.

But goddamn…why every single time, did she take a picture of it? Or was I always dressed this way?

I have a feeling I loved that hat. I know I loved the bike, and the dog. That was our dog Judy…she rocked.

Years later, I still apparently had no supervision, the dressing never improved. At all.

It worries me a little bit actually. As to when did it improve? Has it in fact improved at all? I certainly hope so.

If it hasn’t and you are just all humoring me and being nice. Stop it. Right now.

I mean it…I don’t need any more pictures like these one floating around. I am really really scared for when I get old, if it was bad when I was young, I can only imagine how bad it’s gonna be when I have partially lost my mind.

The only good thing about that is, I won’t know the difference.

And what the hell, it’s all good if it makes people laugh.

Just make sure my hair looks half decent would ya?

Happy Sunday folks!

15 thoughts on “It’s up for discussion…

  1. Separated Dad

    Re: " it’s all good if it makes people laugh"

    Maybe you didn't get to see the photos I posted of a younger me a month or so ago. Yep, no better, and just as funny (except they weren't origially intended to be).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda

    Lmao this is truly great! I don't think anyone had fashion sense back then. I wore some pretty weird stuff too! Chaulk it up to the era! :) Bte, great pics!

  3. JB

    Lmao. That's a good way to start the day for me!

    First of all… your hair looks good. And on pic #2 you're sitting on the hood of an all American car. That was it. 

    P.s. look what I posted on GSpot+ last night. You'll find it.. Now it's your turn to wisecrack me.

  4. Sandi

    The first picture looks like a "wrestling" suit.  We're looking into that sport for Gibson…he loves to wrestle…but I'm wrestiling with the idea of the uniform.  No person should ever be requrired (or allowed) to wear something like that!  Apparently, you were very "sporty!"

    P.S.  Dig he bike with the huge handle bars!



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