The finding of feet…

The finding of feet…

Ok, I don’t understand this at all. Why aren’t people more concerned about this? Is it just me? Every time a new foot in a shoe turns up (and there have been twelve all together, in BC and the Western United States, doing research on it, I have found the numbers to vary depending on the source) it is reported on the news and no one seems to be upset by it.

This one was found in a lake. They say there is no sign of foul play, but what the hell?

Here is the article:

The B.C. Coroners Service announced on Monday that a ninth dismembered foot in a shoe has been discovered.

The phenomenon has received worldwide attention, as mystery feet continue to wash up on B.C. shores.

Coroner Steve Fonseca said the latest discovery at Port Moody’s Sasamat Lake over the weekend is unlike the others in that this foot was found in a hiking boot.

The eight other feet that have washed up have all been in running shoes.

The eyelets on the boot were rusty, which indicates the foot had been there for some time.

“It could be up to 10 years,” said Fonseca. Police have contacted the manufacturer of the Cougar brand boot, a men’s Size 12, to narrow the search of missing person’s cases.

Once the manufacturing date has been established, investigators can focus their search on persons who have gone missing since that date.

The foot was first noticed by a youth attending a camp at the Sasamat Outdoors Centre on the morning of Nov. 4.

“The next morning, the youth and others from the camp noticed the boot had washed up on the northwest shore of the lake,” said Fonseca.

“Once it had been retrieved, they found a sock with the human remains of a foot inside it.”

Fonseca said foul play has been ruled out in each case of the six feet that have been positively identified to date.

With the latest discovery, there are now three feet that have yet to be positively identified.

Fonseca asked anyone who could make a connection with the hiking boots – black men’s boots with a blue felt lining – to call police, the coroners service, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

We obviously aren’t getting the whole story. I mean these people were obviously dead right? Otherwise I am pretty sure they would have reported their damn feet missing. This article just makes it sound like another daily activity, like a car accident or a bar fight.

How does this happen? Why has it just happened in the last 5 years or so? I mean it shouldn’t be a new phenomenon should it? Unless people just never died with their runners on before.

It’s not like fish are just suddenly not going to eat the feet cause the runners are stinkier than they used to be, right?

I want to know that there is nothing to worry about, and that there isn’t a serial foot amputator running around free, just chopping off people’s feet willy nilly.

Is there just so much crazy shit going on in the world right now, that this seems not worth the worry?

I dunno. I am not feeling that lack of worry. Just saying.

Wikipedia even has information about it here.

Their theory doesn’t make me feel any better. At all.

The series of discoveries has been called “astounding” and “almost beyond explanation”, as no other body parts have turned up.[28] The discoveries have caused speculation that the feet may be those of people who died in a boating accident or a plane crash in the ocean.[2] One explanation is that some of the feet are those of four men who died in a plane crash near Quadra Island in 2005 and whose bodies have not been recovered, though one of the feet has been determined to be from a female.[7]Foul play has also been suggested,[29] although none of the first four feet showed tool marks.[26] This does not rule out foul play, however; it is possible that the bodies could have been weighted down and disposed of, and the feet are separating due to natural decay.

Determining the origin of the feet is complicated because ocean currents may carry floating items long distances,[30] and because currents in the Strait of Georgia may be unpredictable.[29] A foot may float as far as 1,000 miles (1,600 km).[26] Also, human feet have a tendency to become adipocere (a soap-like substance formed from body fat), which makes it hard for forensic scientists to find clues.[5] Under optimal conditions, a human body may survive in water for as long as three decades, meaning that the feet may have been floating around for years.[31]

Another theory is that the feet belonged to people who died in the Asian Tsunami on December 26th of 2004. Richmond, British Columbia based writer Shane Lambert has advocated this position pointing to the fact that many of the shoes found were manufactured/sold in 2004 or earlier. Lambert acknowledges that there could be other sources for the shoes or multiple sources. However, besides the dates of when the shoes were manufactured, Lambert cites ocean currents and their ultimate northward tendencies up the Pacific Ocean from part of the region that was hit by the 2004 Tsunami. [32]

I mean it gives some reasonable explanations, but it doesn’t really clarify anything does it? So here I sit, pondering something I have absolutely no answer for, and wishing that I didn’t have access to the news or at this point, any outside influence.

So what are your theories on this story? Is it just me being easily disturbed or what? I am curious to know…

Happy Wednesday beauties!

12 thoughts on “The finding of feet…

  1. Anonymous

    It is certainly very strange! I suppose a phantom willie amputator would be worse.

    Do you think we have become more blaisee about things. I remember the first pictures of children dying in Biafra (sorry can't spell it) being screen on TV. It made me cry. Now it seems like an everyday occurance. Death, famine, murder…

    Reading Rogers explanition belwo sounds like a good explanation to your question

  2. Roger

    It all makes sense Donna to me, alot of people go missing in the waters around the lower mainland and are never found. Sea life eats all the flesh and the only thing left is the bones. The shoe holds the bones inside and washes ashore. Wait till the debris pile from the Japan hits the coast, should be lots of interesting stuff hitting the beaches. They have identified 6 feet thru DNA. We have found shoes on the west coast before but they where empty:)

    1. Redneck Princess

      I guess that is absolutely all true, and I know you are a smart guy Roger :) Still creepier than hell though right? I will pass on finding yucky stuff washed up on the beach though :)

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