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Rocking Christmas time….

Rocking Christmas time….

I really really am…

I haven’t felt the blog too much in the last week, not because I am not feeling the blog, but because I have been super busy trying to get this Christmas thing down…

Seriously nothing else is rocking…but I am getting to the point where I am maybe ready for it to be…

But I digress, we were talking about Christmas right?

So today, I got 90 % of my Christmas shopping done…that’s right you heard me…DONE!!!

The rest will be easy from here :) I went to the second hand store today, on a little mission for part of one of my presents. I found the coolest wreath EVER!!!

All I could think of was that it will make my Dad laugh his ass off…Mom, don’t show this picture to him…just saying. (She picks and chooses what he reads of my writing) hehehhhe…..

So what do you think?

I am calling freaking hilarious, right??? It cost me $3…

And I opened an Etsy shop yesterday, because I have about 20 scarfs, and for some reason just keep on making more…I need an outlet, or a new hobby…or a date.

I also found the cutest freaking pattern for these…

How freaking cute is that??? It was my first one so he is a little quirky…but adorable.

I also had some big plans to do another Vlog, but I sort of don’t have anything that is exciting me enough to go on video about at the moment, everything I am making is boring and slow, with no humor involved. I wouldn’t want to bore you, so I will wait til something crazy comes about…

Don’t forget about the Giveaway…there are only about 10 days left to get in your ideas!!!

So that’s all for today, I promise I will be back with something more substantial soon, like maybe tomorrow :)

Have a great Tuesday friends!!!


15 thoughts on “Rocking Christmas time….

  1. Jan

    Heh… Christmas i like doing a much needed oil change on a car. You try to postpone it (well I am) but before you know it, it’s that time. Christmas does not wait for anybody. :) and I night as well join the ride then. ;)
    Usually here in Holland, we wait until December 6th to start the ‘Getting Ready For Christmas’ thing.. Oh wait, that was yesterday. See?
    Keep on posting!
    Jan recently posted..Seven Commandments for The Woman’s PrerogativesMy Profile

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