Cinderella and a Charlie Brown Christmas…

Cinderella and a Charlie Brown Christmas…

Well this is going to be short and sweet, I have had a crazy busy fabulous day and I am utterly exhausted!

The day started out positive, I was determined that I was going to get more Christmas shopping done, I just didn’t expect it was going to be for myself…

I got some stocking stuffers, but the rest of my shopping was a bust…


I went to meet my girl Diann for a coffee. While I was waiting for her to show, I went to my other friend Chris’ Consignment Store to see what was going on.

She has LOADS of amazing stuff in the store right now, I tried a few things on…mostly I am on a mission for boots.

I have honestly never spent over $40 on a pair of shoes for myself since I left Adam, work shoes don’t count…this year I decided that it was going to be my present to me :) My limit is about $150…I looked in shoe store in town that has amazing shoes and found a pair that I love…they were $273. Dammit. Not an option for me at all…I am patient. I have never really owned an expense pair of shoes in my life. Sad huh? I am just not a shoe person, and I really have a hard time finding shoes that I love.

Today, all that changed.

I didn’t really find anything when I was waiting for Di, but after our coffee we went back in the store, and lo and behold in a bag, that the lady had just brought in were the most amazing pair of Donna shoes that I have ever seen. They are brand new, the girl that owned them couldn’t have worn them twice…

I pulled them out of the  bag, they were a size 7…I am a 7 1/2. I tried them on…THEY FIT!!! I got them for half the price I would have paid new, and they are from the store I went to earlier in the week…

I am in love…and you know the bizarre thing? There was a purse in the shoe store, that I could not put down, and it matches the damn shoes…

The purse was $173.

I need to be independently wealthy…

But for today, Cinderella has found her slippers….

Aren’t they fantastic??? Leather everything Josef Seibel’s….LOVE!!!

But the day of pure goodness wasn’t over yet…I got home and decided to put up my outside Christmas lights.

Now this has never been my job. I totally hate putting up the lights outside, it is boys work…but. I. don’t. have. a. boy.

Well not that isn’t a fairly useless to me teenager.

So I sucked it up and did it. I had a small mishap with the length of the cord and running out 4 feet fucking short of the end, while I had 4 feet wasted at the front…

Which required me to get the pliers and take the 25 staples out that were already holding the lights up, and redo it…

No biggie, stapling plugged in lights in the dark is safe right?

Bhahahahahh…whatever, I lived through it…

Unfortunately I didn’t have as many lights as I thought I did, and two of the strings were burnt out halfway each…what the hell is that all about anyways?

I can’t really afford to go buy more lights, cause I just got some BRAND NEW SHOES…

So for now what I have up is going to have to do…my fence looks lovely :)

So now I am all in the Christmas mood and everything…I get a brainiac idea…I NEED a tree up in my house, like tonight.

Well actually first it started that I was going to just bring a teenie top in and that would hold me over, but then, as I was in my backyard in the dark with a saw, I realized that I needed more.

I found the perfect Charlie brown top off of one of the fallen down hedge trees and chopped it off.

It is now in my livingroom…I don’t know if it will make it all the way to Christmas or not, but if it doesn’t I have another one that will replace it when this one is done.

I have never had a little goofy tree before, this year I do…I LOVE IT!!!

Dr. Seuss even…

Isn’t it the most hilarious thing you have ever seen?? The one I will bring in closer to Christmas isn’t quite as pathetic as this one, but I love it in it’s own little way, and it deserved to come in and be beautiful, if only for a while :)

I changed my living room around too…ya, that happens every single Christmas…I don’t actually think I have had it the way I do right now…change is good.

So it is now 11 pm…I haven’t had dinner and I should eat some toast or something before bed…

Night my friends…

21 thoughts on “Cinderella and a Charlie Brown Christmas…

  1. Nicole

    F&#K Cinderella.

    Had to say it…you know why.

    But I’m glad you found your dream kicks. And the tree is goofily adorable. (Yeah, I made a word…you’re welcome.)

  2. Barb

    The shoes look fab but what about a pic of the new purse? You always seem to be in the right place at the right time for any bargains Donna!
    Love your little tree, it looks so cute – and different!

  3. Brenda

    Love the shoes! Almost look like bowling shoes from the pic. ;) That tree is adorable! Only you could rock that out!

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    I spent a little over a hundred bucks on a pair of shoes once (and here’s the good part)… that was in 1998 and I’ve worn them nearly every day since then! That’s a pretty decent return on my investment, right?!

  5. Megan

    I love your wee lil tree! I’ve always wanted a Charlie Brown tree in addition to my other 2 trees but haven’t yet found one. I am Dying to get my trees and decos up but between feeling like death warmed over this week (I’m on day #3 home from work) and preparing for a huge craft show on Saturday I can’t get to it. BUT, as soon as I get unpacked from the show it’s on like donkey kong. It’s look like Christmas threw up in here in no time. It’s my favorite… I just can’t but be happy and smiley with my trees glowing. :)

    AWESOME boots! The most expensive pair of shoes I own are sneakers I bought in 2007 for about $90. They still pretty much look brand new. They’re the Nike+ ones that you put a sensor in to link it to your ipod for runs. It’s super cool and awesome as the sensor tracks your pace, how far you’ve run, calories burned and also notifies you when you’ve hit a personal best by giving you a “mad props” message from people such as Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams etc. But notice I said they still look somewhat new… I’ve not used them NEARLY as often as I should as I’ve not run as often as I should. BUT at least they’ll last me longer than a decade with the rate I am using them!

    Glad you survived the Christmas light hanging. :) xoxo

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hehehehehe….you just totally crack me up Megan…I love that Christmas throws up in your house, I would love to see pictures, please :) Sorry that you are feeling like crap, I hate that…I have finally been feeling healthy after months of being sick, it is amazing how being happy can affect my health. I have also threatened my kids that if they bring ANY kind of plague home before Christmas they are living in the shed.

      Feel better soon love xoxo

      1. Megan

        I kid you not… Christmas THROWS UP but I love every inch of it. That’s the only throw up I can handle!!! ;) I will absolutely share pictures if I can ever get the stuff up! Thanks for get well wishes. So happy to hear you’re feeling better! Mood definitely effects my health and this gal was stressing which brought on freaking kidney stones AGAIN. This time has been rough… HAVE to go back to work tomorrow even though I still feel like complete and utter shit and hurt like hell because my paycheck is already gonna suck missing 3 days. Ok. sorry. Done complaining! THANKS, I needed that. <3

        Here's something that'll give ya a good chuckle… growing up at my mom's house I always wanted to live in the shed. I went so far as to draw up floor plans and figure out where I'd put a window in and all. My dreams were shattered however, when I realized there was no electricity.I wish I still had the drawing… Would really have made for a great blog post dammit!

        sweet dreams darlin'. Well for me anyways. What's the time difference I wonder?! Geography and all that goes along with it was not my strength. teeheeheheheheh. xoxo

      2. The Redneck Princess Post author

        I think you are about three hours ahead of me there :) so you should be sound asleep right now :) You must have had a nice shed :) I always wanted to take over the whole basement so it was my house…mom didn’t go for it, but when I was really little, my grandparents had a wee house off the side of theirs that my Nana used to live in, after she died they left it just the way it was for years, we grew up playing in that house :) I can still remember how it smelled…I used to make soup with horsetails and water in a pot :) Thanks for making me remember that!!! Happy times…feel better soon girl xoxo

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