A most excellent day…or two.

A most excellent day…or two.

I have been MIA…AGAIN. I know, I suck at blogging these days. But sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a line. And some  happy.

I am grabbing it and running like hell.

I actually am pretty sure I am dreaming, though pinching me doesn’t seem to be waking me up. I am good with that. It is always when you don’t see it coming that you get broadsided. So I am a little unsure that I want to give you any details. I don’t want to jinx things…I definitely don’t want to wake up.

Instead I am going to give you some pics of the stuff we have been doing.

Mind out of the gutter pervs…it has been outside stuff. Hehehehehe…ok, that didn’t help did it? Let’s just move on to the photo’s…

The first one is crappy quality because it was on my phone, but we took a bit of a hike and went to a place called Nymph falls, I have never been there before and apparently in the summer it is jam packed. The picture is of a fish ladder that is cut into the stone, pretty cool isn’t it?

Then we went to a place called Medicine Bowls. There was snow there which made the trek to it a bit sketchy at the bottom. Plus the fact I am a total chicken shit when it comes to falling and drowning, I was a tad out of my comfort zone, which is good, because that is when you see really cool stuff. I also had a strong handsome guy to hang on to. This is a good thing :) Here are the pics I took from back aways…

The following pictures are the ones that Bruce took standing way out by the edge…giving me a wee heart attack, him falling in and getting washed away would totally suck after just finding him…

I can’t wait to go back there on a warm summer day, actually I am thinking there may be lots of things I am going to be looking forward too :)

I just know that I can’t stop smiling…

15 thoughts on “A most excellent day…or two.

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  2. Heidi

    You go girl, RNP! I can’t think of any better reason to take a break from blogging than connecting with a good man, and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Beautiful scenery! I’m sure the pair of YOU thought that looking at each other wasn’t half bad either.

  3. Ashley Mashley

    Beautiful! You’re lucky that you have snow! I’ve never seen that much accumulation in my life. It’s only snowed here in Houston like 3 times. And yay for you having a guy to hang on to! Sounds like life is going well.

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    What an incredible place, R.N.P…
    absolutely stunning!
    And I’m so happy to hear you are having such a good time, too! It’s very, very well deserved – and wonderful!

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