It’s totally my bosses fault…

It’s totally my bosses fault…

Yep…it is. I have officially blown my New Years resolution. Thanks to Shauna.

See…she told me I had desert island hair. I have tried my whole life to have desert island hair.

You know…the hair that you don’t have to do a fucking thing with…and it looks hot. Even without makeup. Or a comb.

I told her I was growing my bangs out. She told me to cut them. It would wreck my island hair.

I can’t possibly explain how much I love her right now.

See…she always has desert island hair. No matter what she does or whether it is up or down she has always got amazing hair. I am envious. The fact that she is beautiful helps…

In our business…which involves dirt. And rain. And dirt. It is sometimes hard to feel sexy. It really is. So the little things really help.

Like desert hair.

Or a good bra.

Or dark chocolate.

Or all of the above on a rainy wet cold February day at work.

When you wish for spring and the days to come in May when you know you are going to have good hair, be able to wear a t shirt and some possibly great fitting jeans. Without the long johns of February.

I am seriously done with winter right now.


So I am just happy to have good hair. And an awesome boss. And the hope for a warm spring.

I should also mention I may be slightly drunk.

And happy.

Have a great Wednesday loves….

6 thoughts on “It’s totally my bosses fault…

  1. DrM

    Love the post :) Desert Island hair is new one for me…but by the sounds of it is what I always wanted to have :)

    Happy is good!

  2. Janb

    I don’t know anything about desert island hair, but I know something about enjoying a good moment or feeling. Just indulge, no matter what the doctor says… ;)
    I suggest hot chocolate, topped with a topping of fresh cream and whatever you’d like to go with that. Nice post. I’m heading for the fridge now… ;)

  3. mairedubhtx

    Yup. From your picture, you have good hair. I wish I had god hair. I have staight hair that is not doing wavy things because it is going gray. Have some dark chocolate.

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