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Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

We are admittedly the laziest couple ever on the weekends. Well until after lunch anyways…

I am so more than awesome with that. Today we were on a mission to get wood. Or Bruce was.

The kind you burn I mean.

We didn’t get much, there was too much freaking snow, not really a ton of motivation, well not on my part at least. I had stupid runners on and not enough clothes or the right gloves.

But we had fun…and got some hilarious pictures.

So first off, I am making the disclaimer that I am not officially allowed to use a chainsaw. I am pretty sure that is my Dad’s rule. But I can sharpen the fuck out of one…and one day, I think Bruce might show me how to do it…so I don’t lose a limb. We will see. I am actually probably a lot safer just loading the wood into the truck. This is what I got to do today…

This took place AFTER the huge laughing fit I had at Bruce and Odie…

Ok…so I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get the camera out of my purse in time to take the pictures of Odie staying 4 steps ahead of Bruce, who was calling him and trying to make him come back so we could go. Odie doesn’t listen well. And hey, he got a free harness ride back to the truck. Obviously by the look on his face you can see he has been carried like this before. I am still giggling about it. And seriously, look at the look on Bruces face. Fucking hilarious.

We got a couple days worth of wood, had some laughs and the big dog Bailey got a hell of a run. She runs behind or sometimes in front of the truck. I know…but she is sleeping like the dead right now, and I am pretty sure she ran off a cookie or two.

I am now blogging while he is cooking me steak.

Ya, he cooks.

Ya, I am keeping him. Like probably forever.

No like for sure forever.

Just saying.

Happy Saturday night my friends.




18 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

  1. Megan

    I LOVE your bangs!!! Glad you broke your new years resolution. ;) You look beautiful baby! And Bruce is so stinking handsome! Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Yay, you! xoxo Love you bunches darlin’.
    Megan recently posted..Closing a chapterMy Profile

  2. Richard Wiseman

    Yeah we know why you aren’t allowed to use the chain saw; for the safety of that list of people that have annoyed you in the past right? Just kidding! Looks a lot of fun. Collecting firewood in the snow. It doesn’t get more like real life than that.

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