The Big One of 2012…

And I mean wind storm.

We were warned. Usually when they warn us, the storm falls short. Like way short. Today, not so much.

I am totally thankful that the only thing that happened in my yard was my bench getting flipped upside down and a few more of the hedge trees going sideways.

It’s good, I am lucky. Other people sustained some serious damage. People’s houses were decimated by this storm. Roads were closed. Stores were like a ghost town, the power was out most of the day. Some people still don’t have power as I type.


The Monkey tree in Willow Point…apparently, it wasn’t going out alone…

The beach, wanted to be on the highway…

My best friends, brother in law’s house…this totally sucks…

The Old Island Highway to Courtenay was closed…ya think?

Sucky that it landed on their garage…awesome shot :)

Stories Beach…wires down, it gets worse…

And worse again…

The people on the other side of that tree, cannot get out of their yard.

This is my friend Linda’s neighbours house. Crappy…yes?

They cleaned the debris up with the snow plow, I am not even kidding you here…

See? Really…

This sucks…on every level…

This house is brand new…they aren’t even finished building it yet…and the tree fell about 4 feet from the freaking house. Lucky…yes.


I would say that they are pretty thankful for whatever forces spared their nearly finished house :)

Then we went to the dock…and saw this. I would say he is lucky the truck is where he left it…because look at this…

The beach doesn’t belong there, it is actually about 100 feet from the beach.

No picnic today folks…

And you definitely want to watch where you are walking.

Oh my freaking god…seriously.

Ya…moved concrete like cardboard.

And logs like toothpicks…

The wrath of nature, needs to remind us once and a while, that we have no control over her. AT ALL. And we will most likely lose if that is what she sets her mind to.

Remember that folks. Get prepared for an emergency, not matter what it may be.


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  1. Robyn says:

    Great photos of a terrible time, RNP. So sorry you’ve been hit that badly.

    Hope the cleanup is coming along nicely.
    Robyn recently posted..Shopping to feed an armyMy Profile

  2. Charmaine says:

    I feel really sorry to all of you that happen this kind of disaster..Hope this year will be a good year..
    Charmaine recently posted..Article Writer DevonMy Profile

  3. Luna says:

    It really made a huge disaster in all over neighborhood.. It was really scary..
    Luna recently posted..Trying To Get Pregnant TipsMy Profile

  4. Shalani says:

    This is what god gave us to make us realize that we should not be harm in one can predict what will happen so be ready.
    Shalani recently posted..Tips To Lose Weight With HCG And Feel Great!My Profile

  5. kelsgonebush says:

    I feel for you guys , we are in the same boat over here in NT Aus .. actually nature is kicking Austraia s arse at the moment !!!! Hope the worst is over for you :) x
    kelsgonebush recently posted..Reason # 141 why you should lock the door at night ….My Profile

  6. Jesslie says:

    We can’t really tell right now how and when nature will give us punishment and we should be aware with it…This post really proves it…
    Jesslie recently posted..Travel TomatoMy Profile

  7. Caroline72 says:

    This nature disaster alarm us one can predict when is the time will calamity we have to be prepared always.

  8. Yikes! Photos like this are sure a reminder of the mind-boggling power of nature…
    happy to hear you are okay, R.N.P…
    very scary stuff!
    SpilledInkGuy recently posted..Bottle No. 3My Profile

  9. Cheziannhe says:

    We can’t really say when or how will nature destruct us so we have to be prepared always…This serve as a lesson to everyone…
    Cheziannhe recently posted..Remedies For GoutMy Profile

  10. Oh my. I know that all this destruction is devastating, I just hope all the people are okay!
    Viciously Sweet recently posted..Professional Quote of the Day: March 14thMy Profile

  11. Ouch! We rarely get storms like that in the UK. Pray everyone’s okay.

  12. JanB says:

    Wow… Makes one realize that nature is and will be boss. We have no control. I just hope everyone is ok…
    // Jan
    JanB recently posted..Doodling and other Useless, Helpful Things.My Profile

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