It sucks to be broken…

It sucks to be broken…

It’s funny how you take feeling good for granted isn’t it?

I am only bringing this up, because I don’t.

Feel good.

It started innocently enough, I think. I actually have no idea how it started. All of a sudden my foot hurt. I actually thought it was from the shitty pair of flip flops I was wearing. It might have been. Or I had a spaz moment and did it and just don’t remember.

Regardless of how it happened, I have injured my foot. I have what my doctor called Plantar Fasciitis. Ya, fun…NOT.

The doctor looked at my feet and said to me “what kind of shoes do you wear?”

…I sheepishly said, while trying to stick the obvious culprits under the chair…

“At this time of the year, flip flops. All. The. Time.”

He called them the walk of death or something equally as depressing.  He is a little dramatic. And he wasn’t my normal doctor. Anyways, apparently they are bad. Who knew? Well, apparently everyone. I just can’t imagine summer without cheap flip flops. I suppose I had better start huh?

Because this sucks.

It hurts all the time. While I am walking around anyways. Pretty much everyone I know has had it or knows someone that has.

The bad news is that it could last months or even years. I had to say “Pardon?” to my doctor when he said that. Cause what the hell??? That is not ok.

I work standing up. Pretty much all day. And walking fast, everywhere.

Well I did until three days ago anyways. I have had to slow the bus down a tad, as my friend Nancy would say.

Thank goodness I am on three days off. I plan on sitting around with my foot up for the entire time. We are going camping again. I think. We can’t seem to decide, or should I say I can’t.

It just seems like a lot of work getting ready to go tonight. I have a bit of a head start on stuff,  but just feel like I can’t follow through. I am also a bit worried about everything frying to death when we are gone. Between the heat and the wind you have to water everything every fifteen bloody minutes.

Slowly, cause I can’t walk.

I may even be turning into a big ass wimp. I definitely feel the need to whine a bit. Which won’t help, and will just make everyone tell me to shut the hell up.

So I guess rest and camping may just be the best solution to the problem for the next few days. It is all I can come up with anyway.

Happy Summer!!!





16 thoughts on “It sucks to be broken…

  1. laura

    Oh Donna, I hope its better soon. Theres nothing worse than having a long list of stuff to do and not being able to do them xx

  2. Judy Kurtz

    Hi Donna,

    I’m sending along some helpful hints given to me by one of our ortho docs. I too was having the same problem with pain. Dr said take Ibuprofen every 6 hrs. Don’t stop even if the pain stops for about 6 months, this will take the inflammation away. Next, get a good pair of shoes. For me it was Nikes. Then get heel cups, can buy them in all drug stores and put them in every pair of shoes you are wearing. Took about 6 months and the pain went away and has not returned.

    Love reading your blog!

  3. Steve

    I’ve heard that about flip flops. Makes me wonder about the issues young kids (like mine) will have later in life from growing up wearing them. Although I guess they’ve certainly been around forever. Like you I spent many years (18) in a retail store. I am out now, but during those years I destroyed my feet and legs from standing and walking around so much and now they hurt all the time if I am standing. I’ve resorted to wearing sneakers most of the time these days as it’s all I find comfortable, although style wise they’re pretty ugly… oh well. Hope you start feeling better.

  4. Heidi

    Boooo! That sounds like a royal bummer. I had to give up flip flops during pregnancy 5 years ago. I’ve never looked back. But, PUMA has some great, fashionable shoes that are also too cute. I wear a pair and actually my chiropractor complimented on them being good shoes. I’ve heard PF is painful! Good luck!

  5. Pati Cherry

    My daughter has the same thing. Frozen bottle of water rolled on bottom of foot a few times a day helps. She’s been told to only wear tennis shoes. Found some flip flops in a catalog called FootSmart or Pricey but she’s able to wear sandals. Her doc recommended physical therapy. Hope yours isn’t that bad. Good luck.

  6. Gwen Gilles

    Try Merrill Flip Flops, cost ya, however I have had some of my pairs for 5 years.
    I have 6 pairs – LOVE.
    Also Hammicher Schlermar (not correct spelling) has some great items to help with the Planters thing.

    Good Luck, I know how much it sucks to be broken.

  7. granny1947

    Shut the hell up.
    Only kidding…shame man…especially when you have to be on your feet all the time.
    Damn, I live in cheap flip flops all summer too.

  8. Richard Wiseman

    I wear thin canvas deck shoes with rubber soles from time to time. It is refreshing not having them wrapped up in socks and boots, but still good for the feet. I lived in the tropics years ago and everyone wore flip flops, the Australians call them ‘thongs’. I didn’t like them myself so that’s when I wore thin canvas deck shoes that let my feet breathe a little. Anyway do whine a little and the people who love you should come running and do stuff for you. Live like a princess for a couple of days being waited on hand and foot, especially foot!

  9. DrM

    If its any consolation Ms D I wrecked my knee climbing down into the swimming pool here in my town and it hurt for a year…so I get it. I had an MRI the whole 9 yards. They thought I needed surgery. I didn’t thank God. What it meant was much less exercise, well none really, no dog walking nothing (which meant I gained weight), and it hurt. All the f’ing time. You aren’t whining, its a real pain in the ass. And in your case the foot. Feel free to moan…

    I can’t wear cheap shoes anymore either…that was some of the fallout. No flip flops for me…and here in Aus and NZ they are de rigeur foot wear. It has gotten better…and doesn’t hurt anymore. But it took a very long time and I do have to favour it a bit sometimes.

    Here’s hoping yorus resoves itself sooner rather than later!


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