Dear Italian neighbours…

Dear Italian neighbours…

Dear Italian neighbours…

I think we need to talk.


Apparently writing you a note that very clearly asked you to get control of your dogs, didn’t do the trick.

They are still barking like mad.

Here are a few tips for you while you live here…just so you know.

1. It’s called animal cruelty to tie your dogs up to a tree for five hours and leave them there. Especially when they are wrapped around said tree with the rope.

2. It is disrespectful to everyone around you, that you let your dogs bark all day long.

3. Don’t get any more pets. You have no idea how to look after them.

4. When do you go back to Italy?

5. Cause last year I am sure it was sooner than now.

6. No one wants to stay in a bed and breakfast, when the dogs bark from 7 am on, even on a Sunday.

7. You should take your dogs to church. The 6 am service. You all need to go.

8. Don’t be surprised when your dog bites someone, probably you. That is what happens when they are restrained all day long.

9. Don’t come crying to me, when my old man comes over for the fifth time that day to see what is wrong with your dogs, sees you and beats the crap out of you…we like your dogs way more than we like you.

10. Don’t make me come over there…seriously, it would be better if you just paid attention to your dogs. Or went home…you know to the other home, so it can be peaceful and quiet here again.

Now these rules aren’t carved in stone. But we are Canadian, and we believe in loving our pets and having respect for the people around us, especially when reciprocated.

And when in Rome Canada…

Oh and PS…I am done, I will be calling the SPCA tomorrow. Enjoy your day…

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