Drying Hydrangeas…for dummies.

Drying Hydrangeas…for dummies.

Drying Hydrangeas…for dummies.

Like me.

Seriously, I have tried to do this for years. I am not sure whether it has been because of my timing most likely or the fact that maybe I just assumed I knew what I was doing and never actually did google it, but it NEVER worked.

The flowers always wilt. And look crappy.

I have tried everyway that there is to do it…put them in water and let it naturally dry out. Wilted.

Just cut them and take all the leaves off and put them in a container upright. Wilted.

Hang them upside down. Wilted.

Well not this time chickens…I have it figured out. Timing IS everything when it comes to hydrangeas.

And this year mine are fantastic. They are the most amazing pink and green color right now.

So here is the secret, you need to dry them anytime after August when the blooms are closer to being done. Apparently there is less water in them at this point and they dry better.

This year has been amazing weather wise for us here on the West Coast. We seriously had summer up until about two days ago.

Perfect for all of our flowers and pretty much anything we grow, other than the tomatoes…the ripening of them has still been a wee bit sketchy.

So here is what I did for the hydrangeas. Super easy.

  • Cut the flowers off leaving a long stem. I cut them down to the hardwood as that length was perfect for my arrangement.
  • Take all of the leaves off of the stalk.
  • Find a funky and fairly tall container to put them in.
  • Arrange.
  • Done.

See, I told you it was easy. And I would like to say, that the flowers still look amazing after four days. Normally they would be long done by day two.

Happy Fall!!

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