When it’s time to just stop…

When it’s time to just stop…

When it’s time to just stop…

And take it easy. Slow down. Watch what is going on around you.

The Universe will always intervene.

Like today.

We were going about our business, we were actually on a mission to find shakes for the roof of the shed, and while we were sitting at the red light at one of the major intersections just down the road from our house, we witnessed an accident.

With a semi. And a Pathfinder.

No one was hurt, thank god.

We called the police, and made sure everyone was ok. The girl driving the Pathfinder, had two small kids in the car, and was a  bit shaken up, obviously…as was the truck driver. It took a long time for the cops and ambulance to even show up…

As I was standing in the middle of the intersection with the girl, it occurred to me how so many people don’t care. Or slow down.

People were going through the intersection doing 60 kmh as we were standing there, waiting for a chance to get out of the middle of the road, and they were not even aware that there had been a freaking accident.

People were honking…people who couldn’t even see what was going on, because they were in a huge freaking hurry to get nowhere fast.

One of those people I knew. Nice.

It doesn’t make you look good, just saying.

The accident was just that…an accident. The light was green going our way right after the accident, which means they were both in the intersection when it went red.

It happens.

We have all done it.

It just happened there was impact this time. Which sucks, for everyone.

Bruce got to go sit in the cop car, and talk to the police. He saw it all happen, I just caught the very end part. The smashing made me look up, as smashing will do.

And at least a few of us stopped. Slowed down. Listened to what the Universe was telling us.

I was watching a show just this morning, that was saying how much of life we actually miss. How our brains can only focus on so many things at one time, and so you miss alot of stuff that goes on around you. Self preservation, yes. In a situation like today, for us…same.

As we were sitting in the truck waiting for the Ambulance etc. to show up, I looked around. Watching what everyone else was doing.

Trying to take it all in and pay attention to what was going on around us.

It was overwhelming. There were so many people everywhere, so many different emotions, so many things happening. You just can’t possibly take it all in.

Human nature I suppose, we are all focused on our own lives, trying to get the big ass gravel truck past all the stopped cars, because you have a barge to meet…

Yelling at the police because you have been driving since you were 16 and had never been in an accident…and we don’t even have a clue who the guy was, or where he came from…What the hell??

Which just made me remember another story…from yesterday.

We were on our way to Courtenay, and right at the Country Market, which is a bad place to turn off the road, there are a whole bunch of cars pulled over, and a truck in the ditch, totally sideways.

We pull over to make sure everything is ok, and like a wave…all the cars that were pulled over, drive away. We were like what the hell?? Again…no cops yet. Bruce gets out of the truck, and goes and checks the car in the ditch to make sure no one is in the vehicle.

No one is.

The cops pull up right after Bruce gets back up to the truck. He tells the police he can’t see anyone in the car, and seriously there is absolutely no sign of a driver, anywhere. The cop then checks for himself. One other guy pulls over, to see what is going on. While we are talking about what seems to be the situation… another random dude, comes from across the road, asks me if I had seen the accident…I say no, we just showed up…he proceeds to nearly run in front of a truck to cross the road back to where he came from. I was like, what the hell?

Bruce gets back in the truck…we go.

No sign of driver. As we were driving away, running in front of truck guy…was talking to the police. The truck was gone from the ditch on our way home.

So Universe…you have my attention.

I am not sure what exactly I am supposed to be learning yet, but I am paying attention. I am going to be driving defensively. And slowly.

Not like I am sitting on the sofa at home. Not like there is no one else in the world but me. Not like the world will change because I am late.

Because it won’t. In the big picture we need to pay more attention to the world. To others. To what is going on.

It’s just not all about one thing, person or situation…

Be present in the moment as much as you can. Life goes by to fast in the first place right?

Have a safe weekend everyone!!

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