Nothing like laying in bed playing with your kitty…

Nothing like laying in bed playing with your kitty…

The big world


I have an announcement to make.

I have a new kitten.

I have no idea what brought it on…oh wait, I actually do.

You see, I was supposed to be looking after my girlfriends cat when she went to camp. For a month, starting yesterday.

But my oldest son is a little brat, and knowing I was going to cat sit…went over and stole her. That’s right, without one second of regret or guilt he took her home.

It has been almost a year since I lost my cat Manky…she was my baby and I have really missed having a cat.

So yesterday when my also bratty friend Morgan called and told me that she had indeed given her cat to my thieving son, I was sad. Something just took over my body, and I said to Bruce, lets go check out the SPCA. Now I totally expected him to say no. He is not really a cat lover…but he didn’t. He took me there, and there were kittens.

And now…we have one.

Her name is Lola.

Lola struts

She is pure black and cute as a button. She is also fast like lightening so taking pictures has been challenging.

She has no fear of either dog, though Bailey is obsessively entranced with her as she hasn’t been around very many cats. She will soon understand who is the boss of her now.

As for Bruce…well he is the big softee I knew he would be. She is already sleeping on his head.

She has already learned to rule the house and all of us, just like kitties are supposed to.

We are all smiling :)

Happy Saturday loves xox

6 thoughts on “Nothing like laying in bed playing with your kitty…

  1. Bren

    hahaha You can’t be posting titles like that!!! I thought you were getting into p o r n or something! :) Congrats on the new furbaby! She is absolutely adorable. Love me some black kitties! :) Smooches to Lola!

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