When growing up, means remembering how to be a kid again….

When growing up, means remembering how to be a kid again….

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In the last week, I have been growing up.

I know none of you will believe that, and I can hardly blame you. But I am. I have been actively and consciously making decisions I have never made before. Ever.

The eating right, is going really well, I can honestly say that only a little over a week into it, I have done far better than I ever imagined I would. I am really enjoying eating now too, which I don’t really do most of the time. I am an eater because I have to, not because I want to.

Walking has become something I totally look forward too. There is nothing as great as walking through the trails totally enveloped by nature, with no worries, no traffic and hardly any other people. I love walking as fast as I can, I totally draw the line at running. Though I do it in my head really well.

As I was reading my Harriet the spy book, which by the way was awesome…she was talking about herself and how she just likes to run as fast as she can through the house, inevitably always smashing headlong into their cook. So me. Except we never had a cook.

She likes to just scream things out. Randomly. Me too.

She is just alive. I read this book seriously about 50 times when I was young. Over and over again. When I got my new copy in the mail the other day, I felt like that kid again. I snuggled in my nice warm bed and I read the whole book. In one night.

Today, I went to my friends Mom’s second hand store and bought the next one, and I have ordered the ones I can’t find off of Amazon.

Feeling like a kid again is a good thing.

Feeling healthy is a good thing.

It has been too long since I have done either.

And you know what…it makes me want to run up the stairs screaming at the top of my lungs. Because I can, because it feels good. Of course my family would think I have truly lost it and probably have me locked up…

But it doesn’t mean I can’t do it when no one is home. Right? Right.

So that is my challenge to all of you today. Do something that you loved doing as a kid. Something that you haven’t done in forever. Something that just makes you smile remembering it.

Ride your bike really fast down the road, sing at the top of your lungs, dance…or run up the stairs screaming and smash into your cook.

Whatever it takes. Try it.


Be happy just being alive.

Happy Thursday to you all xoxo


7 thoughts on “When growing up, means remembering how to be a kid again….

  1. We're Jumpin

    Oh me, I love this post. Thanks for making me smile, and I can see the light in your eyes as you would type this out. I believe we all have to be a kid at heart, no matter what.
    Seeing my Grandfather (close to 80) and him living like he is young and carefree warms my heart.
    Thanks for sharing, and glad to hear you are doing well, and doing happy things for yourself. Smile girl, you deserve it.

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