Has TLC totally lost their minds?

Has TLC totally lost their minds?

I don’t mean the girl band, I mean the TV channel.

Cause WHAT??

As you know, I have been on my ass with the flu from hell for going on five days now, so I have watched my share of daytime tv, which I mostly never do.

All I have to say is holy good god, are you even serious?

Most of the shows they advertise are so absolutely out of this world freaking ridiculous I can’t even believe that anyone would think of wasting an hour or more of their lives watching the shows they are previewing…

Don’t believe me?

Well here is what I have seen so far. This is only the tip of the iceberg, really…

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo….WHAT?

I don’t think so, like not freaking EVER.

Or the new one…

Cheer Perfection…little girls, under parental pressure and Mothers taking their unfulfilled childhood dreams out on their children.

It’s kinda like Toddlers and Tiara’s, with cheering.

Now I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely loathsome I find these women, not only are they making their children into either spoiled little princess’s or they are messing them up for the rest of their lives by putting that kind of pressure on them.

What the hell?

Don’t you have even a smidgen of a frickin clue what you look like to the rest of the world seeing this shit? And by that I do not by any means say we are watching. I hope most of us are not.

It is embarrassing. Only in North America could we even think of putting crap like that on tv. No wonder our society is screwed up.

I mean I know it’s not the reason, but how the hell can we expect our kids to be even a little bit normal with that kind of crap spewing off the screen.

When my kids were young, I wouldn’t let them watch Barney because I thought it was the most ridiculous and annoying show on tv. I wanted my kids to have manners, not be insane.

Apparently these women are making their kids insane. On purpose, and then putting it on tv for the whole wide world to see…possibly these women watched Barney when they were growing up, I dunno…

And please, don’t message me if you love Barney, I don’t care. Really.

I know I am sick, but there is just not a chance in the world I can wrap my head around any of these shows. I actually changed the channel from the program I was watching on TLC so I didn’t have to watch the commercials.

I don’t know if I will ever go back there again…

Which is sad, because I do love What not to wear…

They should have a sick girl on there with a bad attitude that has been wearing pajamas and watching daytime tv for five days straight. It would make for good tv.

Better than 5 year olds trying to be cheerleaders, or wearing enough makeup that they clog their pores til they are 80.

I am all for cheering your children on and trying to be a motivating parent, really I am, and I am not the perfect mother by any means, but at least I have enough self respect for myself and for my children to know right from wrong and what will absolutely not be a good start to them becoming whole and respectful human beings.

I am also thankful I have boys.

None of them would have let me dress them in tiaras. I am pretty sure of that. Nor would I have ever been inclined to exploit them or live out my unlived childhood dreams. None of which ever included winning a beauty pagent I might add. Remember, I wanted to be a spy…

Way more fun.

So in closing I would like to say to all the women of every single lame TLC show ever created…get a grip on yourselves, give your children a fricken break and let them be children, let them be dirty, laughing, happy, messy haired, no you can’t wear makeup til you are 14 little girls…

I guarantee the chance of them ending up as a stripper or hating your guts will go down dramatically…

just saying.

8 thoughts on “Has TLC totally lost their minds?

  1. Nicole

    Don’t EEEEEVEN get me started. I absolutely refuse to acknowledge Honey Boo Boo’s existence, and as for other channels–particularly Dance Moms? As a former dance teacher, Abby Lee makes my head explode. And makes me want to take her with me. Good this I don’t like being around guns and generally abhor gun violence……

  2. Deborah TD

    Donna, I love your blog. I have nominated you to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


    I was nominated by a cool Lady Blogger, you’ve been nominated by a cool Lady Blogger, and now you shall in turn nominate some cool Lady Bloggers (or guy bloggers…all good). There’s a bunch of (silly) rules….it’s kind of like a vanity chain letter, but there you go…Ta-Da!

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