Rockhunting…and swim shoes.

Rockhunting…and swim shoes.


We were pirates today. Rock pirates.

We came home without a single rock.

But we got wood.

So Wood Pirates…

It counts.

And it was cold. And sunny. And beautiful.

rockhunting mountain

I didn’t want to work at all…but I did. Cause we need wood, and I need exercise. To get back in shape, for work.


Someone forgot their swim shoes…in the middle of the forest.


They forgot them some time ago…as you can tell.


And the eagles were flying…because something was dead.

We didn’t stick around to find out what…

baby eagle

And we were hungry…

For steak.

Which was delicious…

All in all, it was a good day. We can always buy some rocks. The new pond won’t care where we get them from. And it’s easier…than trudging through a big ditch, with a heavy rock. I am thinking.


I found some cool bark…laying on the road on the way home.

Oh and some pink bra’s in a tree.

pink bras

Every town needs a bra tree, right?

Especially when they are pink.

Have a great weekend everyone. It’s supposed to be sunny!

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