Matrix makes me smile…

Matrix makes me smile…

Matrix makes me smile…

Smiling is good…

So is good freaking hair.

Since I have started wearing my hair straight, I have been on the lookout for the perfect products to make my hair do what I want it to do.

You know how some women have shoe issues? Well I have product issues. Hair products mostly. I buy something cheap from the drug or grocery store and then it sits in my cupboard because it makes my hair feel like shit.

So in the last little bit, I have made an executive decision. I will stop buying shit products.

So I invested first, in a really good hot iron, which I LOVE. The cheap one sits on the shelf in the cupboard, nearly brand new. Just in case. Of what I am not sure, a hot iron emergency?

Could happen, shut it.

I then bought some Matrix Blow dry lotion…Love. It detangles and protects when you are blow drying. Nice.



I bought the spray that went with it…but hated it, so I took it back. Another good thing, buy things that have a guarantee so you can take it back if it sucks.

I called my hairdresser and asked her what she had used on my hair after she cut it, I already have the same hot iron, so I knew that to make it feel that amazing again, you know the after the hairdresser amazing, I needed to have the hot iron spray that she had used.

I am soo not disappointed.

She brought it in for me, and the wait was totally worth it. This stuff is freaking magic and my hair feels amazing.

Matrix makes this too, it is just a different line…


If you straighten your hair, go to your hairdresser, or wherever you have to go and get some of this.

Matrix Design Pulse Iron In.

You. will. love. it.

and me for suggesting it.

Because seriously what can go wrong with your day if you are having good hair? Absolutely nothing at all…

And tomorrow is Wednesday, which is my Thursday…so the weekend is nearly here.

Have a great one everybody!!

And hey, if you have any tried and true products that you love to use, hair or otherwise, leave a comment with what it is, I am always on the lookout for great stuff to try :) My cupboard isn’t quite full yet…

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