On life and aging rock stars…

On life and aging rock stars…

I was just thinking…

That it sucks that all the rock stars we used to be hot over, are old now.

Like seriously old, like it’s creepy that I used to be in love with you so hard old. How the hell did they get so far ahead of us? Seriously.

Over the years I have done my share of being a groupie. There was Shaun Cassidy, the late Andy Gibb, The Bay City Rollers, eventually moving on up to bigger and louder things…

Like Van Halen and John Mellencamp.

I am pretty sure that seeing Van Halen in concert NOW would be a whole lot different than  in 1982 when I saw them. That was when they actually remembered who they were, you know like before Sammy Hagar wrecked it all by trying to be one of them, instead of just himself.

I mean David Lee Roth, was like, well. God. And the boy could jump, and I mean JUMP. It was one of the best shows ever…

Now it looks like this is what’s going on…

David lee Roth

There are still leather pants…but is that really a good thing when you are 58 years old? Probably not so much.

And as for jumping, well no. Especially not in those pants. When you are 58.

Then we have Rod.

We all have loved Rod since the beginning of time right? Right? But now, when I see him singing,

“If you want my body and you think I am sexy” …I am gonna say, um…no.

It’s creepy now right? It can’t be just me. AND DUDE…you are 68 years old. Have you heard of a COMB? You just cannot pull that shit off anymore.

But we will give you the hair, if you PROMISE to keep your clothes on from now forward, no more on the beach speedo’s, please. For everyone’s sake ok?

The other totally unrelated thing I don’t get is this:

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan…

Right? I mean I get him as John Mellencamp and I get her as Meg Ryan…but jesus h. christ…I do NOT get them together at ALL. I want to, but I don’t.

I just want John to sing more, to bring us something new and fantastic…before it’s too late.

Or would it be better if they faded away slowly, gracefully and quietly, leaving us with fond memories of leather and jumping back in the good old days, when we were all young and far more flexible than any of us are now?

Why doesn’t every one go crooner like Rod did? He can pull that off with far more sex appeal than singing “Do you think I am sexy” to me anymore. When I hear that song, I want to see him like he was when he sang it, not like he is now, when he shouldn’t be singing that song at all, again, ever.

And John, you need to quit smoking. For Meg’s sake…I mean if this is really going to work out, she’s gotta be worth it, she’s Meg.

I just wanna say that I am thankful that there are no cameras allowed in the Quinny when we go dancing. Because seriously, we are the old broads on the dance floor, groovin’ it on. We are the ones that the young hotties are shaking their heads at.

At least we are dressed mostly age appropriately, as in there is nothing hanging out, well not on purpose anyway.

We know we are getting on, but we still like to have some fun. It just seems harder to watch it going down. Especially when you know that you are there too…it just doesn’t feel like it, when it’s you.

We just need to keep the jumping down to a bare minimum and the leather pants in the closet.

The rest just gives the 20 year olds something to look forward too, because no matter what you think when you are twenty…time flies by and before you know it, your idol is a old man dancing around in tights, singing songs that he shouldn’t be singing.

And all you will wish that all you had is the memories…

Dance on kids…dance on :)

2 thoughts on “On life and aging rock stars…

  1. Janet

    LOL! Meg Ryan deserves so much better than ubersmoker and three time marriage failure Melloncamp! She should just dump him and he should just focus on his songs.

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