A three hour tour…

A three hour tour…

A three hour tour…

That fortunately did NOT end like Gilligan’s Island. Though there were a couple of moments when I thought maybe, just maybe, we were going to end up upside down in the middle of a rapid.

We went on Bruce’s birthday boat trip yesterday. It is through Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River, check it out here. It is a three hour tour up through Seymour Narrows, Hole in the wall, Aaron Rapids…it was a perfect day, overcast but not raining, and the water was soo glass calm.

I wish I could have taken some pictures when we were actually in the rapids, but um…no, the last thing you want to be doing whilst being thrown about by a whirlpool of crazy assed water, is to be hanging onto your just acquired new camera. Because yes, I just had to buy a new one as my old camera had just had enough.

Here are some of the pictures that I did get though…

This was on the edge of the rapids, before we actually went right into the middle of them.

the rapids

There were so many eagles flying around here, apparently the feeding is good…


A different angle…

eagle tree

Solitary among the masses…

close up eagle

They were just everywhere…

Four eagles

High above the rapids…


This is in a bay where the tug boats tie up for weather, I can’t remember the name of the bay…Webster, if you are reading this, leave me  the name in the comments would ya?

tugboat signs

The challenge is to see who can get the sign the highest…Gowland yarder. Wins. The picture didn’t turn out like I hoped, just trust me :)

A three hour tour

This was some cool seaweed, I just liked the shot :)


And this, was the coolest part of the day, we passed a school of about 15 Pacific white dolphins, playing in the water.

They swam around us for a few minutes…

School of pacific white dolphins

Pacific whites

And one more…

Dolphins Close

Log barge heading south…there is lots of logging going on in this area.

Log barge

It was a great day. I made me realize how much I miss being on the water, it is better than the spa. Or well anything.

When we got home…I took a couple of more shots. I am seriously so lucky to have this life I have :)

My clematis…nearly blooming…


And full on blooming :)

Clematis in full bloom

And here is my hydrangea, it will soon find a new home out by the new ponds, when we get it a bit more manicured. Pictures will follow :)

pink hydrangea

Have a fabulous Monday my friends :)

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