No focus. None at all.

No focus. None at all.

I am having issues.

I mean more than usual.

I seem to have too much stuff going on, and instead of focusing on one thing at a time, I am focusing on absolutely nothing at all. This just isn’t like me. I am usually organized and methodical. I have to pay my bills, I will soon. I just need to remember to do it later. Focus.

I am supposed to be finishing my work to get my schooling funding. I haven’t even thought about it yet this week. I should be doing it right now, I would feel better if I did. I could go to work feeling like I accomplished something beforehand. But I won’t because I can’t focus.

I am getting this post finished instead, then tonight I will publish it, unless there is a miracle or I cut it short and just post it this morning.  Otherwise it means I won’t get my bills paid or my research for school done either.

The only thing I ever get done is swiffering my floor. Seriously. I have issues. Bruce is rolling his eyes right now, he knows this. I vacuum more than anyone on the planet. I really do. I absolutely hate walking on my floor and stepping on stuff, it is my number one pet peeve…so I swiffer. Every day. Sometimes twice. It is spring and we have three animals, that lose bucketfuls of hair, and tramp in grass and dirt.

Judge me if you want.

I really should be making a lunch to take…yesterday was my first day home alone in the morning. Bruce is working and I was thrown off of my usual schedule by lolly gagging around in the morning. I got to work and realized that I had the shittiest lunch ever. Fail.

Today may be heading down the same path.

I also remembered two things I was supposed to do at work yesterday that I totally forgot to do. I need to focus when I get there, which is always harder when I start at ten. It’s like rolling in hard core, you can’t ease into it, it’s sunny, so busy, so good luck…

I also need to start working out, or something. I feel old and my body is being a bitch. I am just too tired when I get home. I am too lazy early in the morning. I need to focus. I need a plan.

But my lawn is mowed, so there is a bonus. I did it in a haze after work the day before yesterday…my baskets are planted and my gardens are growing.

All the fun stuff is up to date.

Maybe tonight I will come home and really focus on what needs to be done. I will cheat on dinner somehow and make something that needs one dish and hardly any cleanup.

I am going to take some hamburger out now, beef stroganoff it is. I will plow through the bad stuff one thing at a time.



Get my shit together.

I will let ya know how that goes. Happy Tuesday loves.

2 thoughts on “No focus. None at all.

  1. iamtomnardone

    Well that sounds like everyday of my life. I am ADD and if I dont take my medication, then the only thing I will do all day at work is think of excuses to go home early knowing that it wont be any better there either. I also write for shit when I am not on my Meds. Good luck lady

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