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Why yes, I am a lazy blogger…

Why yes, I am a lazy blogger…

Why yes, I am a lazy blogger…

And you all know on those days, you get pictures.

Today is an experiment, that will probably end badly, not only am I blogging from my phone…I am going to try and add pictures too.

And I will not let my phone auto correct you all to be Ratbags. Because apparently if your name starts with an R and it doesn’t recognize it, it assumes you are a ratbag. Nice huh? And totally inappropriate. Thank bloody god I check my typing before hitting send.

Speaking of which, I just now had another malfunction. While blogging on my old phone,  I had to save it fairly frequently or it all went away randomly, just disappeared. I just hit save on my new phone like right at the end of the last paragraph. And published. Bloody hell. I then had to run and grab the computer to unpublish trash the whole post and start again.

I am now typing on the computer, but then will have to go back to my phone because that is where the damn pictures are. So I actually just made it even more complicated. And weird.

I am also pretty sure the pictures will somehow end up really messed up, but lets try it shall we?

Isn’t she pretty? I really am thinking of selling her. I will be sure first, but it might be time…

But isn’t she pretty?


And this tree has some issues…but I think I like it.

And yes…yes…I really am this cool.

You never knew I was cool did you? It has some cool shit on the back too. And it keeps good time. I am so wearing it everywhere on my days off.

That’s all I have for tonight, I will post a real post tomorrow night. At least that’s the plan.

Have a great Tuesday all!!

6 thoughts on “Why yes, I am a lazy blogger…

  1. Bren

    Nice job with cell posting gf! I can’t believe your thinking of selling your stang! Holy moly! BTW, what app are you using to put that awesome border around your pics?

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