How does my garden grow?

How does my garden grow?

How does my garden grow?

Well I figure it was maybe time for a garden update, and ya…I have nothing else. It’s hot…not that I am complaining, but I am tired.

I have had a garden dilemma or two this week, but this was my biggest one.

The following is what happens when you put a shitty plastic pot inside a big ceramic pot, and instead of it hanging on the edge it falls through, and you keep watering even though the ceramic pot doesn’t bloody well drain.

And you notice four days later, when you think your tomato is dry, but it is actually floating in freaking water. Gah.

Husky tomato

But then there is beautiful like this Bee Balm…my new favorite plant, I have a purple one and a pink one, and tomorrow I am pretty sure I need the beautiful big red one we have at work.

Bee Balm

My Niobe clematis is now mostly done, but even the end of the flowering is pretty awesome…

Finished Clematis

And my Pretty Much Picasso Petunia is amazing as always…

Pretty Much Picasso

This sunflower volunteered from the bird feeder seeds…


The Kale garden on through to the other veggies…

Kale garden an beyond

Some of my harvested garlic…

Fresh Garlic

This just reminded me of summer :)

Footprints on the porch

Happy hump day summertime :)

4 thoughts on “How does my garden grow?

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    Loooooove your flowers and your veggie garden – that picture and yard are so peaceful. Are those raised beds? If so, how did you do that ’cause that is what I need because we have rocks, rocks and more rocks. LOVE the bee balm and am in love with that petunia. What a great way to pass Wednesday!

    1. Donna

      Thank you Nan :) They are raised beds, I used some recycled railway ties. The bee balm is amazing, I am totally getting the red one tomorrow. I keep humming and hawing and I don’t know why.

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