Memories of summer…

Memories of summer…

Memories of summer…

While I was sitting on my shady back porch yesterday trying to fight off an impending headache…I started to daydream about summer when we were kids.

Long days when we got up early and couldn’t wait to get outside and see what the day had in store for us.

We would grab our bikes and meet up at a predetermined spot, usually with our swimming gear…we lived close to a beach and a large creek, so depending on the weather we would pick our spot. The creek was a good choice for scorching days, we would be in the shade and still be able to at least wade in the water, it wasn’t deep enough to swim in, and it was freaking cold.

The beach was where I spent most of my childhood…it was where I went when I was sad, it was where I went to be alone and think, it was where we went to hang out together with our lunches and our best friends.

Some days we would skip the beach and just hang out in the woods behind our house, we had huge trails in the back and over time we cleared out an area that was our home away from home, we used to pretend we were grownups and had our own little town.

Or maybe on the weekend my dad would decide that we were going for a drive. Up the logging road. In the jeep. It was not  for the faint of heart, which was why we loved it. My mother would have killed my dad if she knew where we used to go and the crazy near trails we used to drive on.

In the rear view

It’s not a wonder I love the mountains still…

My best friend Karen, who actually lived in Coquitlam had a cabin down on the beach, well her parents did :) We spent countless hot summer nights in our sleeping bags out on the deck watching the stars…once we were sure everyone was asleep we would sneak away, run down the beach to our favorite spot, rip off all of our gear and go skinny dipping…the phosphorescence in the water was so amazing as you swam it was like little lights swimming all around you.

Nothing is as great as swimming at night, when the water is calm and warm and all is quiet.

It’s on my bucket list of things to do again…

Raiding my dad’s garden was always fun, eating fresh peas while the sun beat down on us, pulling carrots right out of the ground, picking fresh tomatoes and eating them like apples…

I still never get the peas into the house…

raiding the peas

I have often said how I am thankful for the childhood I had, how different things were then compared to today…

The memories I have are priceless, the friends I made…some of which I still have, are as well. We were so lucky to live in such an amazing place with opportunities to just be a kid, and to love nature.

If I could ever go back in time, I would pick those years…to ride as fast as you could go on your banana seat bike with big handlebars, to swing to the top of the world, to swim until your toes were numb with the cold…Root-beer Popsicles and sandy beaches, bleach blonde hair and the best friends ever.

What are your memories of being a kid??  Is there anything you still love to do??

10 thoughts on “Memories of summer…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    How did I miss this post? I am so glad I came back and checked – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. We moved so much when I was a kid that my memories are of so many places and things. Playing in the barn at my grams, wading Chesapeake Bay under the railroad bridge, lying under trees daydreaming, running the corn fields, capturing lightening bugs and more – what a wonderful memory lane trip! Thank you.

  2. HoaiPhai

    Ahh, great memories. Up until I was 8 years old I lived on a street with 8 out of 10 houses with kids in my general age group (Hello, Baby Boom!). There was always someone around and after dinner in the summer there would be huge games of cops and robbers, hide and seek, etc. Same thing went on on the surrounding blocks. Great times!

  3. territerri

    Love this! What sweet memories. I know all of us had our share of “yuck” during the years when we grew up. But if we’re lucky, we really only remember the good stuff.

    I was a city kid. But we still found our way to the beach, rode our bikes all over the place, ran through sprinklers, played ditch with the neighbor kids when it got dark… I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now I sometimes wish I could go back.

  4. iamtomnardone

    Canada sounds a lot like where i grew up except we did not have any lights in our water. We were all afraid of snakes and would never go in the water.

    I would love to do my whole childhood over.

  5. My Inner Chick

    ahhh, what beautiful carefree memories! I love.

    One of my fave. memories is drinking orange Kool-Aid and running thru the sprinkler with my sister, Kay.

    I’d give almost anything to have those days back.

    Great post. X

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