So this is what happened…

So this is what happened…

So this is what happened…

I had a big plan in my head. I wanted a big do over, I wanted spectacular. I had grand visions.

And then after 5 or 6 hours of looking at the 16 million different themes there are out there, I realized that not one of them was exactly what I wanted.

And I am just not knowledgeable enough to build one from scratch. I mean that is the whole reason I am going to school right? So I can learn how to do it.

But for right now, I wanted what I wanted. So I decided to tackle it. I decided that I was going to chance ruining my whole site as it stands and try and figure it out on my own. In hindsight I totally should have backed the site up, right? I didn’t. Luckily nothing horrendous happened.

So now, with the new site uploaded. I am happy with it. I had it organized pretty much where I wanted it anyway, and downloading a new theme meant starting nearly 100% over again.

That is a two week gig…I just couldn’t do it.

So instead, I changed the top bar. The hard way. Of course I found an easier way after I had done it my way. I changed the header. I feel like being cutesy right now. Just go along with it. It makes me smile…

I learned or reinforced the fact, that I fucking LOVE building code. I love trying to make things do what I want them to do and when it works out, it makes me do a little dance in my chair.

It totally proves to me, that this is what I want to be when I grow up. I mean I can spend endless hours that go by in a heartbeat doing it. Ask Bruce. Maybe wait til next week when he is over my desertion from the last 4 days.

So thank you to all of you for hanging in there through my uncountable changes. I know I change things around like I change my underwear, I hope that can one day be part of my charm.

You are all awesome :) and welcome to the new followers that have signed up in the last few weeks!! It’s great to have you here!!

Oh and on a totally unrelated note…

I would like to thank my friend Robyn from Love versus Goliath for my new book!! It came in the mail a few days ago, I am so stoked that one of my very first blogging friends has successfully published!! Good for you girl, I can’t wait to read your story :)

Have a fabulous Thursday all!!!

One thought on “So this is what happened…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    It is bee-you-tea-ful!!! Love the flowers. You inspire me! I am in awe of you because I want to learn how to write code instead of the little dab I know from messing around and Googling! Ya dun good Pilgrim!

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