Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Today we have the usual garden shots, nothing exciting happened for logging road treks this weekend, though we did go to the races…I posted a few pics of that on instagram :) So here we go…

My Crocosmia in the front totally ignored garden, they are huge, at least 4 feet tall, they stand over top of the lilac tree that is right beside them.


My blueberries, I am eating them now, and my dog is just mortified that I won’t share them with her like I do with the peas…


The hydrangea I have on my porch…it needs to go in the ground soon, but that doesn’t stop it from blooming it’s head off  :)


And the pink dahlia…you are supposed to dig them up every year. I am lazy. I don’t. They just keep coming back…lovely.

pink dahlia

sunshine and dahlias

Tumbler Tom Tomato…this plant will produce hundreds of tomatoes all through the rest of the summer, and they are zero maintenance and they live in a hanging basket!!

tumbler tom tomato

I live my funky little bead chime, these are so easy to make with an old cookie cutter and left over beads.

bead chime

Happy beginning of the week loves xoxo

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