The Redneck Princess

Sitting on the side of the road….

Sitting on the side of the road….

Sitting on the side of the road….

Waiting for the work to get done…

This is my view.

It was a good day, and beautiful….
Bruce did some of the work…
And we got this pole for our birdhouses…20130825-230455.jpg

And then there were the birds…the above pics were taken with the mini iPad…these are from my camera.

There was a very dead 4 point buck which I declined taking pictures of, you are welcome…but the birds were feasting…

The Vultures

It was kind of creepy how many there were flying around.

vulture flight

And because I was a bone head and forgot to bring a jacket…which I NEVER do when we are heading into the woods…I made due with a pair of long johns that were in my truck stash…bite me Martha.


And just a random lily pad shot…

lily pad
I will miss summer when it’s gone :) happy Monday!!

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