The Redneck Princess
Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Only it was really Friday…but whatever. It took me til Sunday to get it together enough to post, so that has to count for something.

First off, we found this really big stump. There is a poser on top…hahahahah…

Bruce on the stump

These are the tools of the trade. The remote is mine. Cookies are Baileys, and the phone that never works that far out is Bruce’s :)


This wee bee, was really cool. And busy.

wee bee

Thistle gone to seed…


Ahh…what a Redneck girl works for…

wood load

After which I drink this…


Again…I am not appropriately dressed apparently. Whatever… there is dirt on my pants, so I was really working.

how I roll

And on the way home we spotted some Cruise ships…Bruce wouldn’t take me to the beach to get more pictures.

cruise ships

Happy Sunday…

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