Holiday Monday Shots…

Holiday Monday Shots…

Today was a holiday…it was a good day, we relaxed. Totally. Here is what ensued on our back roads drive, we decided to go somewhere where we haven’t been for a while, up by Stella and Pye lakes. It’s beautiful, and we need to go there more :)

The mountains, on a hot summer day…they were far more impressive for real :)


These water spiders are super fast, really hard to get a shot of…

Three Water Spiders

Water Spider

Hawk beach…I have no idea if that is what it is called, but like Lindsay mountain…that’s it’s name  now.



We found our new dream house…in the middle of nowhere, after Elk Bay on the way to where we thought was out. We ended up turning around, the map book said that the bridge was washed out, and we didn’t have enough gas to chance it. It will be an adventure for another day. So back to the dream house…here is the sign, we were anticipating what we would find…

Eagle Cove

First we saw a lone man, working on a truck in the back of a foundation that looked like it was hoping to be a house for about three years or so, and then around the corner, we saw this suddenly abandoned truck…

abandoned truck

And then we found this. It’s for sale. I mean look at the house, it just needs a little tlc…

Dream house

Look at the view. Right? So it needs a bit of work. Maybe, just maybe, we should just keep looking?

Ocean View Love Shack

Another mountain shot, such an amazing day…


And on the highway, Bruce spotted this stop sign, we turned around on the highway to Sayward, risking our lives to get this shot…

It seriously, comes from nowhere, the road is totally grown in.

Stop sign from nowhere

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Holiday Monday Shots…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    I would live there for the view. Sure, it’s roughing it but I’ve been THERE before, too! Love the stop sign – but I would have to get out and see where the road went. Too nosy!!

      1. HoaiPhai

        Not mine… my head’s too big. I’d have to install a roof rack for my headgear.

        That shot you took into the side view mirror reminds me of something you might be interested in seeing. I’ll try to post a little something just for you on Thursday (today I’m determined to post the final chapter in the cat spaying saga. Don’t worry, it’s not too long).

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