It’s like an advertisement to serial killers…

It’s like an advertisement to serial killers…

I have never been a big bumper sticker girl…though I will admit I do have a sticker on my window right now. Mostly because it’s ridiculous, and spelled wrong, which makes me laugh.


I am obviously easily amused.

I have just never understood the point of these family stickers.


The first time I saw one, I was like what?

Why the hell would you want to advertise the number of children you own or whether or not you are single or leashed on the window of your truck?

It is like social media gone awry…

Isn’t it? I mean if I am missing something here, please feel free to fill me in.

I think it is like an ad for a murdering thug to pick you as their next victim. Right there on your car window, they have all the info they need. Whether or not you have a husband, a dog or a killer cat and how many kids he will have to work through. All they have to do is follow you home from the grocery store.

Why would you put that target on your family is beyond me.

Because really…who else cares?

If I want that much information about you I will ask, in person, over a coffee. Which totally isn’t going to happen now that you have that stupid sticker on your window.

I just don’t think we can be friends.

I am sure people who have these stickers mean well…but it just makes me wonder what they are trying to say…it’s like the baby on board sign.

Do you think if you have one of those in your window, the accident won’t happen? That the random accident will be like…hey…don’t hit that car, there is a baby on board! Whoa…that was close!!


How about we just pay more attention while driving. All the time. No matter who is in the car.

How about if we put bumper stickers on that are actually funny. I want to laugh with you. Not at you.

And I am only trying to save you from certain death. At the hands of a serial killer. I mean who wants to die like that right?

You’re welcome.

Happy Friday :)

8 thoughts on “It’s like an advertisement to serial killers…

  1. HoaiPhai

    Is that what those stick figures mean in the rest of the world? In my home province of Quebec those stick figures are badges of honour showing the pedestrians you have run over, sort of like the airplanes painted on the side of fighters in war movies. But you’re right… having a catalogue of your family on your car is like handing a checklist to a serial killer or a menu to some backwoods cannibal.

  2. nan @ lbddiaries

    I never understood them either. I’m not much into bumper stickers but I always hated “My child was on the honor role at blah blah school” – ’cause I’m thinking the kid didn’t particularly like it, just mom. And who is she trying to impress? Oh well, to each their own. Thank goodness I never enticed a serial killer!!

    1. HoaiPhai

      I saw an interesting bumper sticker reply to the one you mentioned… “My teenage dropout is sleeping with your honour roll student” (or something to that effect).

  3. Robyn

    The stick figure ones are VERY popular here in Australia.

    Maybe we don’t have as many serial killers, just crazy politicians!

  4. Jason

    I see what you mean, but have never thought about that with those. Great point. I always thought that about the personal license plates though. If you put your name on it, a stranger could walk up & call you by name & you make you know them forgetting about the plate.

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