I can’t make this stuff up…

I can’t make this stuff up…

I can’t make this stuff up…

Unless I am at school, I haven’t left the house much in the last two weeks. Today I had to go out, it was unfortunate but sometimes life calls for leaving your castle. Today was that day.

I also just wanted to make one stop if that was at all possible, it wasn’t, as I had two totally different places to go but I cut it down drastically by going to the big box store whose name rhymes with Big fart. Ok not really a rhymer but whatever.

On a normal day this is not my favorite place, but I do go there to buy CD’s. The prices are nearly unbeatable and my best friends daughter works in that department so I get to check in and say hey to her at the same time. Double bonus.

Keith Urban’s new CD came out yesterday. I needed it. Like needed it. I have a 40 minute commute three times a week now, I am in desperate need of new tunes. And it’s Keith. Nuff said.

Today I braved the food section so I didn’t have to go to my regular grocery store as well.

Now I know why I have a regular grocery store that is not the Big fart store.

Our Big fart store here really is like all the videos you see on Youtube…not even kidding. Apparently that includes some of the cashiers.

Here is the proof.

Look at the picture and I will tell you the story, you will need to come back to the picture to just make sure, but trust me you should see the pic first.

I can't make this stuff up

Now let me explain this.

I was going through the cashier and she was ringing my stuff in, normal right? She gets to my green pepper with a touch of orange on the side of it and grabs her sheet of codes. I assume she is new and just doesn’t remember the code. That is not surprising, there are four million vegetables, it’s hard to remember them all right?

She then rings in grapefruit.

I say to her, “you just rang in a grapefruit”.

She said “yes I did…”

Now in the 5 seconds that follow I am trying to figure out why exactly she rang in a grapefruit when it is obviously a green pepper. I say to her “grapefruit may very well be cheaper or something, but that is a green pepper.”

She looks at it, with a blank stare on her face, says “oh” and voids it out, immediately after ringing  in the green pepper without even looking at the code sheet again for the right code.

Now I am like, what the hell?

How do you remember the code but not know what a green pepper looks like? This is not an abnormal looking pepper.

green pepper

It certainly bears absolutely NO resemblance to a grapefruit. Like none. at. all.

It is almost like mixing up a banana and an orange.

Unless you have never cooked anything at all in your life, you should know the difference. If you are a cashier at a big smelly box store, you should also know the difference.

It was also 48 cents cheaper to buy a green pepper than to buy a grapefruit. That is a lot of money if you add up the mistakes to Big farts advantage.

Am I being unreasonable here in my confusion over how that even happens? I mean it could be me…have I become some weird hermit girl that just lives to do homework and go to school, and no longer has a grasp on reality even by the edge?

I think not.

So if you ever have a day when you are kind of short on strange things to blog about, go to Big fart and buy a vegetable…see what happens in your store.

And pay attention when they are ringing stuff in, these guys are not taking over the world for nothing apparently, and they are going to take all your money while they are doing it, even if they don’t really know they are doing it.

At least that is what I am choosing to believe.

It’s too scary to think about the alternatives.

Just saying.

Happy Friday everyone :)


6 thoughts on “I can’t make this stuff up…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    I always stand there and check every single thing they input since they do make mistakes sometimes. On the cashiers side, though, my son used to work there and they lecture you if you don’t send a certain amount of people through your stand (i.e., be FAST). If you don’t comply, they move you to the dog food aisle hauling 50# bags around (or some aisle like that).

    I try NEVER to shop there but since they put so many locally owned businesses out of business, sometimes I have to, grrrr. I’d rather pay a couple of cents more at my locally owned grocery store than buy the out of season stuff there. But still. Has she ever seen a grapefruit? I guess not. Wow.

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