Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

IN UNDER THE WIRE…oh yes I am!!! We went wood hunting on Saturday, today I actually mowed the freaking lawn. Finally…I was losing wee dog when he peed. Never good.

Here is what we saw on Saturday… I was taking more pictures of balance, I was going to do one more drawing. But I changed the font on the other one to a bit funkier type…it’s just all I have at this point and I am pretty happy with it :) I was going to post an updated picture,  but I am on the wrong computer, my pics are too far away at this time of night. So nevermind.


This is a monster cedar tree that is at the boot lake campground…huge. huge. huge.


A forgotten piece of bark…


Water drops…



This mushroom picture was the shot of the day for me. I love mushrooms :)


These guys were so cute…and then some dude ran them over. Bugger.


Signs, signs, everywhere signs. Apparently in CR you just shoot them. Like all of them. Boys.


That’s it for tonight, hope you all have a fabulous week, and enjoy fall shorty days are comin’ soon!!!  :)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots…

  1. Tom Nardone

    Very nice princess. I really like the pictures you take. I can’t imagine how you find these things. I thing you could give national geographic a run for their money

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