Excuse my not following through…

Excuse my not following through…

This week, I had big plans to do a Pomegranate week on the blog, you know delicious recipes…and easy how  to empty a pomegranate video and more delicious recipes.

So far. I have nothing. Nothing I tell you.

I just haven’t felt confidant or reliable enough to actually make the video. I found one online that  actually taught me what to do, but the guy in the video makes me want to slash my wrists, so I was going to make my own. At this point in the week, I am not sure at all that I could do a better job.

I might make an attempt after I have had another coffee, we will see. I am camera shy at the best of times, I would 100% rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

Stage fright…

It’s the same thing as when I had my midterm for the dreaded PHP on Monday. Which I might add, was supposed to be on Friday.

Let me tell you that story quickly.

I had my exam scheduled for Friday. The last one, it was nearly all over for the holidays. My first hint that the day was not going to go as planned should have been that it was Friday the 13th. Usually this isn’t  an issue for me. I generally tend to have good luck on this day rather than bad, so I was all up and over confidant that the day itself was going to help me out.

I was horribly wrong.

I got to school at 20 to 9. The cafeteria and entire wing of the school was deserted other than the girls that were actually working in the cafeteria…this in itself was strange. I walked down to the classroom, which should at least by now have the early birds sitting and ready for the hell that should have soon followed.

Nothing. Locked and dark.

Now I was like, hmmm…this can’t be good.

I then went to the deserted cafeteria and decided to go to the college website and check the schedule, something I obviously should have done the night before I was sitting in the deserted cafeteria at the school an hour from my house…

The exam wasn’t until one.


I bought a coffee from the not working very hard because the cafeteria was deserted cafeteria girl and decided to finish the one little project I had left to do for my communication design class.

And I called my friend Colleen, coffee and a chat was in order, and I had lots of time. Perfect!

I finished up my homework in the still deserted cafeteria and then headed off to meet up with Colleen downtown. We were strolling around 5th street in Courtenay when Bruce texts me that his college, which is the same branch as mine only in Campbell River had been closed because of a bomb threat. Actually in his random and Bruce way, all he really said was Bomb threat.

I was like wtf? Who sends a text like that…seriously?

15 minutes later, when he finally explains himself, I was like wow…someone didn’t think that through very well, but whatever.

Colleen and I have lunch…delicious lunch at a restaurant I haven’t been to before called Atlas, if you live here and haven’t been there yet. You must go. Amazing food, great atmosphere and great prices.

Anyway, while we were eating my friend Wendy calls, asking if I am okay? I am like yep, all good…why? She then tells me that BOTH Campuses have been closed due to the bomb threat. I am like NOOOOOOO….

I head back to school, and sure enough…closed. Exams will be rescheduled. Are you fucking kidding me?

Now normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was pretty much done already. I dreaded the exam that was to come and at the point I was at could not possibly learn anymore about it, and had zero intention of studying more than I already had.

My only saving grace was that some how I had managed to kick ass with the assignment grades, so even if I didn’t do well on the exam I would still pass.

The exam ended up being rescheduled for Monday.

I showed up, I stayed for three hours, but as I was writing the exam, I was like…what the hell? Nothing on my cheat sheet helped me and I was pretty sure the more I worked on it, the worse I made it. I think the teacher probably marked it and wondered how the hell I had managed to slide my way through the class, because I am nearly positive nothing I put on the exam made even a bit of sense.

PHP is like learning German. In four months. So basically all I can say I learned is how to speak in tongues so NO ONE will have a clue what I am doing or saying. And it really doesn’t make any sense at all. And my final grade was an A. Go figure.

I have received almost all of my marks now, and I have done really well, so tell your kids that studying your ass off and not having any life at ALL outside of school, really does pay off.

And thankfully we have nearly three weeks off to recharge. I am using it to full advantage. Doing absolutely nothing.

I have my tree up, my presents wrapped, my turkey in the freezer. Somehow, someway…I have this bitch under control. It’s good.

So I am going to go get cleaned up, and see if I can make you a fairly amusing video about Pomegranates. There is no point in my not being random at this point is there?

And if I don’t follow through on it, it’s probably because I suck at making videos that are awesome. I will let you know how that goes.

Have a great Thursday :) xox

2 thoughts on “Excuse my not following through…

  1. El Guapo

    Congrats on the A, and enjoy the downtime!

    (If the video is that bad, you can always go the other way and just go completely over the top…)

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