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Weekly Photo Challenge~Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge~Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge~Selfie

Well I have been totally neglecting my photo challenges as well as Sunday Shots, so tonight I have decided to do both!! First I am posting the selfie challenge…

I took this picture when we were woodhunting, back when I had long hair…which I must add, I totally regret cutting off. But that is neither here nor there, I do love this shot though!  I would love to see the link of your shot, feel free to link in the comments :)

Donna Selfie

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge~Selfie

  1. Lou

    I thought I’d swing in for a minute, saw this post, and had to have a look see since we’ve been on the subject of hair. Now I really miss my hair! Dammit! Let’s never, EVER, make the mistake of cutting our hair like this again. We both pull off long hair so much better. I love your color though! I wonder if that’d look good on me?

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