Sometimes you have to lose stuff…

Sometimes you have to lose stuff…

Sometimes you have to lose stuff…

I have just recovered from reading break, which was not a break at ALL. It is just a free for all in teacherville, where they conspire to load up the homework to the point that you think you may just have a nervous breakdown during your pretend week off.

Well I fooled them. We went away on the weekend at the end of the week, to Ucluelet. If you haven’t been there before, you should go. It was great, even though the weather was our typical rain forest downpour, the room was fabulous and our view was crazy…this was the weather when we got there, it went downhill from there.

Ucluelet Sunset

It was a fabulous two days of taking it easy and losing the stress. Sometimes losing stuff is good.

Of course to end the weekend off right, we came home to Snowmageddon. Like seriously, two feet of snow, three hours away from the ocean and the rain. It snowed for three days.

So we got a spare day off, which was good, because obviously I didn’t do any of the homework I swore I was going to do when we were gone, in fact my computer never came out of the knapsack. Which in truth was how it should have been.

Tomorrow I have a midterm in English. I should probably be studying more. Really. I just felt the need to blog now. I have no idea why, and I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I can do what I want.

Midterm be damned. And I have studied already. Mostly. I know what a protagonist is, and how Catharsis works. There are two sure points right there. Besides that, my cat is sleeping on my notes. I couldn’t study if I wanted to.

And my boyfriend(s) are on TV. Have I mentioned how much I love American Idol this year with Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban? Well I do. I am in celeb crush heaven two nights a week.

Never mind.

Here are a few more pics from the trip,  and a couple from Snowmageddon…since I blatantly have not done a Sunday Shots for weeks and weeks. I hope this makes up for it a bit.

This was on the way through the pass, the mountains are so beautiful and freaking huge!!

mountains in the clouds

snowy peaks

mountain range

And then…the beach.




I wish the weather had cooperated more, but taking your new camera out on the beach with rain down-pouring is just never a good thing.

When we got home, this is what we found…

snow icicles snowy trees

It’s melting now, and spring is coming…I just know it!! Happy Hump Day xoxo

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  1. Jane

    Keith Urban is the bomb isn’t he? But I’m still pondering that hair cut. I think I liked it better shaggy.

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