Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots

On Tuesday of course.

I thought I had better drop by and post something, my slacking is immense. But the good news is that I have three finals left at school and then I am done!!! I have exactly three days off after my last exam and then I am back to work, after that there will be time to once again have a normal life. Which I am more than desperately looking forward to.

The last few weeks have been fairly exciting, first off, I bought some new wheels.

John Deere

I know you are totally jealous…right? I have a huge lawn, and the other lawnmower had a wee accident with a fence post a couple of years ago and didn’t really recover fully. She has been retired as the tugboat of the yard and we will use her to pull the trailer around. While this baby is now living in the garage where my Mustang used to be. Part of me really is a boy, I swear.

I have also started working out. I am so done with sitting in a chair all day with no movement, you can’t possibly even know. So we are walking, I am lifting weights and doing as many sit ups a day as I can without puking. Nice huh? I have had it with the muffin top, and whatever you call the other extra 20 pounds that has found it’s way to me. Summer is coming and I am going to be ready this year. Shut up. I know I say that every year. This time I mean it.

We have managed to go out wood hunting a few times in the last few weeks. I have a few decent shots, so lets carry on with that, and I am glad to be back again!! I missed my weekly posting…


And just so you know…I have messed with some of these pictures.


How and why, are my secret.

beaver dam

I just want to mess with your head a little. Because I missed you :)

new buds

That, and I am pretty excited about spring being here.

Alder tree

Oh, and here is a cow head. We found a body earlier, it wasn’t a cows body, and in hindsight we decided that next time we see a body with no head we should take it with us, because you just never know when you will find a head laying around. Right?


The birds probably had the head…or the body. Or something.


Happy spring to you all!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots…

  1. Stacey Crews

    I am totally jealous of your lawn and the lawn mower does not look bad as well. I have recently had a baby and have been trying to go out for a jog every morning. Working towards doing a 5K run in the next 3 months.

  2. deborah

    Love the head. I love all things found, unless they are gross in which case Ick. I don’t love those. I am so excited about spring… it’s slower coming here, but at least the pussy willows are popping out (despite the snowy backdrop).
    Hugs, enjoy your new wheels. Find a parade to ride in… you need to show that baby OFF!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hahaha, well that is why we are friends:) I am really going to try and get up there this summer, we are in NEED of some fun time!!! I have never been there in the summer before, so look out Whitehorse!!!

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