A good set of chompers…

A good set of chompers…

A good set of chompers…

I have recently discovered that it is not in my best interest to not go to the dentist for approximately 8 years.

I mean I know this sounds like a no brainer, but when you have no dental insurance or extra money, the time just slips away on you and before you know it, you don’t have a choice and you have to suck it up and go anyway.

The thing about that is…the cleaning will be like you are in hell.

I might add that I had no new cavities though, go me!!

I take really good care of my teeth. I floss fairly religiously and brush at least twice a day. It doesn’t matter or count. Seriously.

The cleaning took an hour, just for the bottom teeth. They are making me come back to do the top. Also I have been notably informed that receding gum lines worsen if you aren’t loyal to that once every six month cleaning schedule.

I might also add here, that I have indeed got a new dentist. A place where I honestly don’t feel like they are trying to take all of my money or make me get procedures done that I don’t need. I might even love them (thank you Shauna for the reference). I should also mention that my new dentist is adorable and I may just have a girl crush on her.

All of these things lighten the blow in the long run.

It’s been a long time since I had a good girl crush.

Today’s dentist adventure was getting a filling replaced on the side of one of my top teeth, it fell out ages ago and drives me nuts as there is (or was) a big ridge on the side of my tooth.

Of course they needed to freeze me.

I was hoping that maybe in the 8 year period they came up with something less intimidating than the huge metal needle that they bring out to freeze you. Nope. Exact same thing. Not that I am worried about needles, generally I am pretty okay with it, not something I fear or loath. But holy crap, tone that bitch down a notch…it was HUGE!!

At this point, I believe I will possibly be frozen until dinner time…it’s like lunch right now. I am eating bacon and eggs with a partially frozen face. It’s not pretty. And sort of taking all the fun out of bacon for me.

Fortunately, once my face feels less like a stroke and more like normal, I will not be able to stop touching my new filling and the amazement and understanding of how stupid I have been to wait so long will indeed come to light.

I have also decided that I will be a faithful visitor to my new dentist, regardless of the fact that I will think that there are better ways to spend my limited income when the time arrives to go back.

Groceries and winter jackets are overrated anyway. Especially if you have no teeth.

And…girl crush.

It’s pretty much win win…all the way around.

Have a great summer’s weekend everyone!!!


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