Creamy Body Lotion (you can make at home…)

Creamy Body Lotion (you can make at home…)

Creamy Body Lotion (you can make at home…)

Since I can remember, like wayyyy back I was a teenager…I have loved lotion. Of all the beauty routines there are, I can honestly say that for pretty much every time I have had a shower, I have applied lotion afterwards. I love the smell, the texture and having soft, smooth skin. I also realize that in all of that time, I have slathered some serious unneeded and potentially dangerous chemicals on myself.

In my quest to become healthier, this is a big one. Making lotion seems to be a daunting task, but in reality, it is soooo super easy. And the quality of product is 100% more amazing than anything you can buy in a store.


Here are the ingredients that you will need for your fabulous new lotion…

  • 3/4 cup of pure oil ( I used sweet almond oil…it smells great and absorbs into your skin really well)
  • 1 cup of rose water (You could use lavender water if you prefer, or even distilled water if you don’t want any scent)
  • 2 tablespoons beeswax
  • 30 drops of essential oils (Lavender is beautiful mixed with the rosewater, as well as being beneficial to your skin)
  • Sterilized Glass jars


Now there are a couple of ways to do this, but I find melting it in a pan on the stove is my preferred method (in a double boiler or old pot), though you can easily melt the oil and beeswax in a microwave, (I would use a glass measuring cup)  but the method is totally up to you.

Mix the oil and the beeswax in your double boiler or glass measuring cup melt until the beeswax is melted, in the microwave it will probably take about 40-60 seconds. Pay attention though, you don’t want it to overheat. Remove from the heat and let cool for about a minute, any longer and the beeswax will start to harden again.

This next part can also be done two ways, first I will tell you how I did it…I have a blender, but it is from 1972…so it sucks, and I am too cheap to go buy a new one, but I do own a magic bullet (and no I am not getting paid to promote this product)…if you don’t have one of these…get one. Seriously best thing ever.

I put all of the water and half of the oil in the magic bullet and mixed the living hell out of it, turned it off and added the rest of the oil and the essential oil, beating the hell out if it again til it was mixed. Easy peasy…it worked beautifully…


If you have a blender and want to do it that way, pour in the water first, and through the hole in the top slowly add the oil as you blend, adding the essential oil at the end. This was the recommended way to do it from where I got the recipe, but you know how I suck at directions.

Put the lovely creamy lotion in your sterilized jars.

The lotion will last for about six months and is best kept at cool temperatures to prolong shelf life. You can store it in fridge if you choose to keep it fresh.

I promise you will love this…it feels amazing and is so good for your winter dry skin!!

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