When your Mom is on facebook…

When your Mom is on facebook…

When your Mom is on facebook…

Years ago I told my Mom she needed to join facebook, that she was missing out on pertinent information and photos that the rest of us were sharing…

She signed up, sort of…it took her a long time to warm up to it, like years.

Recently she has been posting stuff, pictures even. And commenting on what the rest of us are doing.

I have to say…I am amused.

My Mom is my absolute most favorite woman on the planet. I love her more than cheesecake.

And she is funny.

My brother and I were talking when I was up there visiting, and we were talking about when we were kids…

This was when we were young…he looked innocent enough, right?


A few years ago…I guess he grew up pretty good :)


The conversation went from him not believing that I was scared of him when he was chasing me around the house with a knife in his hand to my Mom and how we remembered what she was like before she had her brain aneurysm about 20 years ago.

I told him that I couldn’t really remember what she was like before that. I mean I remember…but vaguely.

I always thought my Mom was so serious. She always had everything under control and in order, including all of us. Which in hindsight is a bloody miracle…I often wondered if she wondered how the hell she got stuck with the likes of us as her family. We are mostly train wrecks in the making…though funny ones.

As kids my brother and I would eat all the bread and peanut butter and drink a 4 gallon container of milk in one afternoon unattended after school. This made her crazy.

Because of course, then we wouldn’t eat our dinner, which was always good for us…because we were too full of gluten and hormones.

And we won’t even get into what a little bitch I was from about 12 years old on. I honestly don’t know how I am still alive.

But after the aneurysm, everything was different…

When it happened Jimmy and I were grown up and moved out, but when something devastating like that happens, it feels like you are 10…with no concept of how to deal with it.

At least at the time it felt devastating…


It feels normal. It feels like we are all who we are supposed to be. We love each other so much, and I can’t even fathom life being any other way. I can’t imagine my old Mom being on facebook, making me pee my pants laughing with her shenanigans…or loving the pictures she shares with us of the things that make her happy.

I love that you never have to guess what she is feeling, because she has no qualms about saying it like it is.

And don’t even think for a minute that she isn’t the boss of us…because she is. She is on facebook to keep an eye on us…

Some things never change, even when you think they have…and that my friends is a huge blessing.

I love you Ma… xoxox


8 thoughts on “When your Mom is on facebook…

  1. Mom

    Loved this blog, as usual made me cry, but Also can’t believe you forgot to add that I would water down the milk with some skim milk, as I knew you guys would drink it all when you came home from school. Have a great sunny day, love you too, Mom

  2. Patrecia Upton

    If only my daughter could read this. She was my friend on fb but deleted because of the comments I made. I live thousands of miles away but she is too busy to phone. You are very lucky and so is your mom

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