Eat my dust…

Eat my dust…

Eat my dust…

I can’t believe that this year is over, it seems like just yesterday that we were here LAST year. How is it that the older you get, the faster time flies by you?

I just had my 50th birthday, and looking back on the last fifty years, it kind of doesn’t seem possible that I am saying it out loud. I mean…ME? Fifty??? Bugger off, seriously, you must be kidding me right?

Except there was this…so it must be true.


I feel no different than I did when I was 20 or 12 or 7. There maybe a couple of things that have changed over the years…I can’t drink like I could then (when I was 20 of course), I can’t eat like I always could when I was young, I sometimes feel like I am 90 when I wake up in the morning…

But in my head, in my heart…my soul…not much else feels any different. I still feel like I always have, I am still just little ole 7 year old me, on the inside. Only smarter of course. That is why we get old, so we can get smarter. I have never in my life wanted to go back in time to any age I was before, I am always exactly happy at the age I am presently at, and I don’t feel any differently about that this year. I am in fact grateful. I am thankful that I have been given 50 amazing years of this life.

I have said it a million times, I am blessed. Truly, deeply and daily.

And I think that being fifty is going to be bloody fantastic!! I never make New Years resolutions, and this year won’t be any different, but it’s always awesome to start out a new fresh year, it’s kinda like putting clean sheets on your bed, only it’s your life!

I am excited, I am looking forward…I want challenges and change. I want everything that being 50 is going to throw at me. I am ready for it.

I am looking forward to a year of loving everything I do, the only resolution I am going to make, is to have fun. To do things that make me happy, and to live life to the fullest that I can live it. I want to do things I have never done before. I want lots of baby kisses and little boy hugs. I want to spend as much time with my family as I can, because life is short, and it just gets shorter every single day we live it. I want to be with people I love, whether they are making me crazy, making me laugh or making me cry. I want to feel it all and drink it all in. I want as much love as I can find and I want to share what I have.

I want to blog and take pictures…I want to run, I want to dance, I want to be outside, I want to play in the dirt, and enjoy long drives in the bush. I want to explore places that I have never been before and do things that scare me, just to prove to myself that I can…and I am not afraid.

I can’t wait to go back to work, to the job that I love, with people I love…I want the challenges that my job brings every year and the fun that we always have.

Everything feels exciting to me right now, I haven’t felt this excited about starting a new year for ages, maybe ever. I am stoked, I am ready and I am going to be a 50 year old force to be reckoned with…

So bring it 2015…it’s gonna be a good one!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!! I can’t wait to share it with all of you xoxo

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