Quick Tip ~ Carpet Cleaner

Quick Tip ~ Carpet Cleaner

Quick Tip ~ Carpet Cleaner

Carpet stains are a pain…I have eliminated all of the carpets in the upstairs of my house, including my area rugs, due to my cat. She is a nightmare and a carpet shredder. It is just so much easier without them.

Unfortunately I still have carpet in the basement, off white Berber carpet…sort of a nightmare with two dogs and a terrorist. Once and a while I run out of carpet cleaner, so one day I googled what else I could use.

I found one post that said to use Windex. I was like…what? And then I realized that I was desperate and not going all the way to the store…so out came the Windex (which I always have on hand…it’s just one of those things that I never run out of, like garbage bags…I am on top of that shit!!)

So guess what??? It freaking worked, like a charm!!! The mud trail that had covered my carpet was gone in an instant. I have used it for small spots ever since, even though I do try to keep up on having carpet cleaner on hand most of the time.

The one thing I would recommend is that you do a test spot on your carpet before using it, my carpet is pretty bullet proof, but if you have a colored carpet or expensive carpet like wool or something, I would be sure to test it first!!

* As an added bonus, if you get a stain on your clothes, this is a fabulous stain remover in a pinch!!! (again I would do a test spot before you spray, but with most everyday wearable fabrics it has worked fine for me with no wreckage!)

Happy cleaning!!

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