When you just sort of miss the Target…

When you just sort of miss the Target…

When you just sort of miss the Target…

Or not miss it, as the case may just be….

The news broke this morning that Target will be closing all 133 of their Canadian Stores in the next four to five months.

I am not gonna say I am surprised, because I am not. At all. The store has been open less than two years here, they spent a kajillion 10 million dollars revamping the old perfectlyfinestillmissit Zellers store and it. still. sucks.

And this…click here, was my impression when the store opened.

It’s not because the floors don’t shine, or the shelves aren’t full. It’s just a feeling. It doesn’t make you want to be there. It feels…well…like a box.

It feels uncaring.

This could possibly just be a Canadian thing. I mean we aren’t like anyone else in the world. Seriously. We aren’t better, smarter or funnier, well not all the time anyway, but we seem to have different expectations than people in other places.

I think when someone tells us that something will be a certain way, we expect it to actually be that way. And if you come to our small town, where nothing much happens, and tell us you are going to be bloody fantastic and that you are going to change our lives in ways we could never imagine…plus the fact that you are going to make us wait for months and months while you renovate before the great unveiling, you better bloody well pull that shit off.

So once again I say…Target fail.

Maybe as Canadians we just want a little of the old days, when you could spend $20 on a shirt or a pair of pants, and they were awesome as hell.

Maybe we just want someone to deliver what they say they are bringing to the table, for real.

Maybe we are just tired of all the propaganda and bullshit of people telling us what is going to make our lives awesome.

I know that I, as a  100 % Canadian girl expected more. It just clarifies everything for me. We need to get back to our roots. We need to support the little guy. The clothing store that is run by the lady next door, the bakery down the road that makes the perfect croissant or the Garden Centre on the hill that has crazy awesome staff :)

Spend your money wisely, of course. But spend it thoughtfully as well.

A month ago, I would have said that Target isn’t going to miss you…today it has been proven that they will indeed. It’s them, not us. We are doing everything right.

So take the time to check out your local stores, you know the ones that the little guys run. Maybe that pair of jeans you love will be $10 more. Maybe the Pansies that you plant in your front yard will not be the great deal you can find at Walmart, but I guarantee you, the quality will annihilate any box store anywhere, and it doesn’t matter what big box store you shop in, you will not often get the one on one personal service or find an employee that loves their job like you will with a small business.

Things always come back around, I mean look at skinny jeans and mullets…no wait. Well you know what I mean.

I wish I could say sorry to see ya go Target, but the truth of the matter is, we aren’t even going to really notice that you are gone.

It’s been real, but better luck elsewhere, eh.

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