Summer fun…

Summer fun…

Summer fun…

It’s been forever since I have posted a thing. I thought I better check in. Is there anyone left here?? The last month has been a bloody whirlwind for me. I have been doing tons of website stuff, building and creating and all the things I love. I have also been in the process of starting a lotion business. I love lotion. I love making lotion. I want to sell it to you.

This has proved to be challenging. Which is good. I like a good challenge. I am learning and growing and becoming a bit of a chemist. Who knew right?

I am planning on doing all of the craft shows in the fall and winter, hopefully working my way up to the big ones next year as well.

I love everything about making lotion and all the fun stuff that goes with it. I actually have a craft show set up in my kitchen. It’s gonna be awesome.

Check out the website here…oh and there is a update coming this week as I have to change my recipes a little bit…

Lushious Lotion

I also had another blood donating incident. Nothing is ever easy with me as you by now know.

I am no longer allowed to give blood.


Because I am that girl. You know the fainter. Yep, the first time I gave blood and nearly passed out. This time I was halfway through giving blood and actually did pass out. I was like, what the hell?  Nothing about it freaks me out, I have no problem with needles and watching the blood leaving my body is pretty cool, apparently my body doesn’t feel the same way. Even doing it all right, I can’t donate. My body is bad at sharing just like I am and it isn’t giving up my blood. I was a little disappointed to say the least. But passing out is not one of the things I enjoy being a part of, so my choice was made for me.

Today for the first time in forever, we are going wood hunting. It’s time, fall is in the air. But first I am going for a run. I really would love it if the day could be about 8 hours longer so I can fit in all the fun stuff this summer is throwing at me :) I hope you are all well and enjoying what is left of summer!! Cheers!

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