Mean Old Ladies…

Mean Old Ladies…

I have posted about really bad customers before.

The woman today topped anything I have ever dealt with before.

We will call her B. That is short for Bitch in case there was any question.

I was helping another customer when B walked in, the bad attitude radiating off of her body in high doses. She obviously wanted my immediate attention, which she didn’t get as I was obviously already with someone.

Strike against Donna.

She butted into our conversation, which was fine. Being included in EVERYTHING is important to some people.

When it came to her turn, she was hostile with me from the first second. Like it was all my fault. I already knew even if it wasn’t it was going to end that way.

I was right.

She had parked right by the door, which isn’t even a parking spot. She had the backdoor of her rich lady car open, inside I could see a barrel in it which she had obviously purchased from us.

But she didn’t ever get to that.

She brought a pond pump into the store, in a box that looked like it had been sitting outside for a year. She then proceeded to cry me a river, tell me she was sick and going back to the states forever and never coming back to this dreadful place.


She wanted her money back. It was $120.00. She had no receipt.

Our store policy, like every other store in the Universe is that if you have no receipt, we won’t take it back.

There are few exceptions. If she had bought it from me personally and recently, I would have done it. If it had been twenty bucks, it would have been a possibility considering her anger.

But in this case, I gently told her she would have to come back when the owners were here.

Strike two against Donna.

As we were discussing it, I was in the process of opening the destroyed box and I made the mistake of just asking her if she had used it at all (which would NOT have been a big deal if she had).

She went ballistic on me. She started yelling at me, say how outrageous it was that I would even ask that. HOW DARE I?

I stood there listening to her rant at me for a moment, and then said, “stop yelling at me. I have done nothing to warrant that, at all.”

I then told her I was going to get the other girl, so she could explain it to her.

Seriously at that point I needed a witness.

I went and got Janis, warning her of the impending explosion that was erupting up front.

When we got back she told Janis how rude I was by asking her if she had ever used the pump, going on and on. Nothing I said changed anything. I was now the target.

Janis explained it all to her exactly the way I had.

She wasn’t listening.

We explained to her that we were not the owners and it was not something we were allowed to do.

She didn’t care, she mocked any comment of us getting in trouble giving her that much money back.

She made it clear it was inconvenient to come back to see the owners as she was leaving town tomorrow and wanted her money back now.

Understand me here…NO.

She said she had spent thousands of wasted dollars here and she was never coming back to this place ever again.

Really?? Promise?

Before she left, she once again reminded me how totally belligerent I was, and asked for a business card, so she could give it to her lawyer.

She didn’t have time to take care of all the belligerent and greedy people in Campbell River that wouldn’t give her her money back, she made it fairly clear we weren’t the only ones.

We just figure she might have lost all her money in the stock market crash yesterday, so she was trying to bully her way into us giving her money back so she could get back home….

Obviously this must have worked for her before, some people have a knack for making other people feel bad to get what they want.

Well honey, today is not your day. Not only did I have backup, but you seriously picked the wrong girls to try and bully into giving you money that you obviously spent long before. You are not special because you are mean. You will not get your way because you think you are special.

It amazes me that some people don’t understand that you will get farther in life being nice and respectful to others than you will being a total bitch.

So at this point, all I can really say to the Mean Lady from California is…

Good riddance honey, its been a slice!


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