Brain Fart Thursdays…

Brain Fart Thursdays…

For some reason on Thursdays I have a blogging block. I don’t know if it is because every other day I usually have a backup plan if I don’t have anything interesting well to me anyways, bugger off to say or what. But I had no idea AGAIN what to blog about. So I will just babble on endlessly til someone either tells me to shut the hell up or you start ignoring me.

I bought a new computer yesterday. I couldn’t really afford it, but I am justifying it in a thousand different ways. First off, this is my main form of entertainment, I know…get a life. Whatever.

Secondly, it was just over three hundred bucks, I can piss that away in Vodka in no time…so I drink less for a month or so…

Good story anyways.

Thirdly, my other computer was gonna catch on fire and give me third degree burns and possibly get run over by my big truck if  I didn’t do something. It froze constantly and was as slow as my youngest son emptying the dishwasher. Seriously, it was bad.

I won’t even get started on how many times I started a blog post or was trying to get the new site up when it suddenly froze and I lost everything and had to start over again. I am not a patient or understanding woman. I also could pass on having electronically induced hissy fits…

Hence new computer.

It actually hasn’t been as much work as I thought it would be to get things moved over. The biggest thing is remembering the 5000 passwords and usernames I have for everything. Who knew writing stuff down might have been a brilliant idea?

I can’t be super smart all the time ok?

And I am lazy.

Which I regret a little now.

So if anyone has some free Vodka they wanna send my way, I would greatly appreciate it. My supply is down to a 26’er. I will have to ration myself a little I suppose, unless you all pull through and start donating.

Just a thought.

We could take it out in trade…

I have some seriously good blog and computer information that I will share with you…

or whatever.

Happy Thursday my freinds…

If you haven’t already…don’t forget to re-subscribe…


15 thoughts on “Brain Fart Thursdays…

  1. Surrey Gal

    How can I resbscribe? What would be best way to get updates on you????  (p.s. this is me, Surrey Gal.)

    1. Redneck Princess

      You can copy the address, and add it to the blogs you are following by just pasting in the address, or you can subscribe by email, there is a box to enter your info at the top of the page second sidebar over :)

  2. irratebass

    Me and the mrs are buying each other a computer for xmas, I can't wait….See I had an AMAZING computer, fucker costs me over $1300 and when I knew we were going to get mairred and I was miving in, I bought her a simple small laptop for xmas before I moved in….it was just to get her buy until my badass computer and I could move in.

    Well I finally move in and I waited about 3 months before I hooked up my AWESOME computer and the 1st day I did SPARKS flew out of it…..hmm, I unplugged it and waited till the Comcast guy came to give us internet……he arrives and 2 more SPARKS……my Awesome computer had died…this has been over a year ago……I miss my computer.

  3. Gwen

    Be careful what you're giving away, you never know what people will want to trade.
    I want to join this site however I can't remember the password to my g-mail account.
    Sorry no vodka, gin and beer, and no neither are mine. LOL

  4. Hoaiphai

    Oooh, no vodka! If you take some tequila and filter it through a Dr. Scholl's charcoal insert, you're desperate enough to drink tequila that smells like feet. Bottoms up! And congratulations on the new computer!

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  6. Anonymous

    I like the fact you *know* you made a boo boo and come up yourself with the solution. Brilliant. P.s. Great post. *TIP* if you get a new account somewhere just use the password 'secret'. That's not hard to remember plus you don't never have to lie about what your password is, in case someone asks you.

    P.s. No Vodka.

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